Friday, June 13, 2008

swanning around

I have not just been lounging around watching muscled men in shorts run around in the wet.

No, no, I have also been watching muscled and fluffy birds run around in the wet.

These are the swans at Bishops Palace, Wells in Somerset. There is a swancam to follow the cygnets (hatched June 1) and the swans as they swim around the moat.

This is especially interesting to me as I am heading to England in August and hope to spend a few days in Bath, maybe even seeing this palace gardens.


  1. Oh My God. That was wonderful! I didn't know cygnets rode around that way. They have their own bus! Thank you!

  2. beautiful. i hv never seen such a thing b4. that explains the reason why i m so close to my mother. i feel so protected.

    thanks for the video.

  3. I can't watch this right now as I might wake those sleeping peacefully - am awake and can't seem to slep right now so am reading instead!
    Hope you have a brilliant trip to England, Katie

  4. Here via Robin. That is too cute to see the little ones hitching a ride.

  5. I'm a little scared of swans. The first time I met swans was in Europe whilst peacefully picnicking at the side of a still lake. Suddenly these giant, evil-looking white birds attacked hissing and spitting and biting everything and everyone in sight. It was positively Hitchcockian.

  6. Robin: isn't that the cutest sight!

    Sandy: what a lovely thought and analogy.

    Rainbow: just as well, as I cranked up the volume when I downloaded it. Am getting excited about the trip (I just decided definitely to go on Thursday, so very early planning stages)

    Citizen: welcome. I have seen your name many times and have looked in on your blog, just haven't commented yet (am usually a few days behind) even though I do enjoy your posts

    XUP: I'm sorry you have nightmarish memories of such beautiful creatures, though I feel a little bit the same way about geese when they are on land

  7. glad you liked the recipe i have more at i hope u enjoy them and the pie is amazing! nice blog you have too!

  8. Oh that is so sweet!!!
    No ugly ducklings there!

  9. Ahh bless! with their mommy!
    Got the tip from robin's blog

  10. Welcome Lyn & Anette, thanks.

    Gwen, is any duckling truly ugly? A little funny looking perhaps!!

  11. You're so right!!! They are all adorable...

  12. That is just about the dearest sweetest Video I have ever seen!
    I just LOVE The Swan and her darling babys.....! I tell you, all you have to do is look at Nature and you know there is a Greater Power responsible for all this....!
    God is truly in "Nature". In that blade of grass growing up between two slabs of cement----In these adorable gentle little creatures.
    Thanks so much for this wonderful Video.....It does my heart good!

  13. No thanks needed. Your video is magic....

    (But, the Southern woman in me says, 'you're welcome!')

  14. Beautiful!

    I love it when places have critter cams. The Nature Center where I live used to have one for the otters. It was so much fun to watch them play.

    I think it's really cool that you might actually get to see them on your trip.

  15. Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I'll have limited use of the computer while I'm in Canada but I'm definitely excited to live there. I've been daydreaming a lot about what it's going to be like but it doesn't really work because I've never lived outside the states before. I'll know soon enough, right?

  16. I can only see stills of the webcam but will check at home. I'm sure they're so sweet. Mothers do protect their little ones...

    And you're going across the pond! yay! I love England *sigh*

  17. UA: hmmm, strange, maybe try clicking on the link to Bishops Wells - there is the original link to the video and the swancam on the homepage. Hope it works, it really is adorable.

    Whim: yes, these are my favourite reality shows

  18. My brain finally kicked in... I'm almost embarrassed to say it, I clicked on play! oh my oh my I need a day off! Sometimes I wonder about myself *g*

    They are beautiful indeed. And yes, best way to travel is on your mum's back.

  19. UA: erm, did't I just read somewhere about a WEEKEND AWAY??


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