Wednesday, February 17, 2010

revisit #1


this house?
It was For Sale back in October

when the view looked like this

now the view looks like this

and the house is still For Sale.
I wanted a picture of the view with snow to share with you,
but I doubt that is going to happen this year.
Then again, most of you are likely sick of the white stuff.
This is the alternative.
Pretty drab, no?

photos taken October 16/09 and February 16/10


  1. we get the drab here because it's rare we get snow...not that i really want snow.

    love the view

  2. Drab indeed. But then I find white drab too. I'd like to see it when the leaves are just starting to come out in the spring, you know, that week where the leaves are that nice new green... And also in the summer, when everything is full and leafy...

  3. The autumn colours are superb. But overall I like an evergreen forest, and love our eucalyptus and rain forests.

  4. Amazing what a difference a few months make eh?

  5. Char: I think I'd find winter unbearable if it were always like this

    Jazz: I know you feel that way, I was going to do these revisits every 4 months, but next time will be in 3 months to get that bright lime green effect

    Persiflage: evergreens covered in snow... not for you, I guess. I do like the eucalyptus, especially when they house koalas!

    Sagitarrian: that is the beauty of the changing seasons!

  6. Hi!
    Yes I do remember seeing the house and the view earlier. Wow...pretty drab, you are right. Won't be long - few more months and it will start looking green and lovely. Fall makes everything pop with color.

  7. Shoot! I thought you were going to say you were buying it!

    I don't like the drab, so I guess I'll put up with the white stuff, if I have to. But I much prefer the color green! ;)

  8. Amazing what a little fall colors will do to the scene. And snow really makes it pop!

  9. I like the drab, you can see the bones of the land, beautiful rock formations and the promise of beauty to come.

  10. I'll take drab over snow any day!!

    love those textural combinations and especially those rocky bluffs...

  11. Sistertex: I'm impatiently waiting...

    Susan: hahahahahahaha

    SueAnn: exactly. I like popping colours.

    Gail: okay. if you say so. I like the rocks on the escarpment; having trouble seeing "the promise". but that's me.

    Gwen: hi you! where have you been?? busy being creative? would this view inspire you? am afraid it depresses me no end (second view, not the first)

  12. oh yeah, I probably like the second view even more.. the structure is showing..
    I love seeing what things are made of... it does have a melancholy feel but I guess I relate to that.. and it stirs the emotions... heavy huh??

  13. Gwen: we could exhange views sometime... you get the Niagara Escarpment and I get the Bay of Fundy!

  14. Great comparison shots! I love stuff like this.

  15. Geewits: thanks. I want to do more of these.

  16. I like 'drab' - its not really, there is depth there, and you can see the skeletons of the trees. And it is a clearer day, you can see further into the distance as well.

    Still like the look of the house, too. Wonder what they are asking......?

  17. Gilly: for $1,290,000.00 it can be yours.
    (yes, you are right, it was a clearewr day.)

  18. Sanna,
    O yes, I remember this house, I even showed the pics to hubby -but since it was up North we quickly let it go!
    You're right it looks drab -rather see snow:)

  19. Jeannette: but, the change in scenery... isn't that worth the trip "up north". and we're only 43degrees N - that just 10 degrees farther north than where you are!

  20. Why is the house still for sale with such a wonderful view as this - always a changing view, I bet. Good luck!

  21. Margaret: It is right on a popular hiking trail; that view is taken directly opposite. And at over one million, it is a very simple, slightly outdated house.

  22. Wow ... stark difference! We don't see changes like this where I live in Southern California at the beach.
    Hugs and blessings,

  23. HRG: but you do see a lot more sunshine and blue skies! I really like the change in seasons (even if I complain about it)


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