Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday AMuse

LEGO artist Jan Vormann fills up cracks in the region of Sabina, Italy, as part of the contemporary art festival '20 Eventi' during 2007

Sabina, Italy

Cracks in the walls of Yaffo in Tel Aviv, Israel, during 2008

Bryant Park, New York City

Jan Vormann fixing a wall with Lego.

found at Juxtapoz


  1. Hi Violet

    I liked the ones in the grey rock most as they appeared almost like a little village tumbling down rocky faces such as on the Cinque Terra..

    Happy days

  2. What a stash of Legos these folks must have. And to think, I could barely build a couple of minute cabins with my bucket of Legos.

    It's fun to see the bright colors stick out. I wonder what the residents thought. Maybe they became huge fans and soon Legos had to be added as a line in the city maintenance budget. :)

  3. Well this is a terrific idea. I love it! What a cool way to beautify!

  4. Its fascinating how many ways today's artists can think of for showing us their arts.

    I love the lego in the stone wall cracks!

    I would never have thought of doing all that - but then I am not an artist!

  5. Great find. I didn't see this before I found your blog. Really a fun story. Legos are everywhere! And they have been around so many years.

  6. Damn, that's cool. He should come fix Montreal.

  7. We have some great old walls with cracks in them over here. I'm sure he is very welcome. I'd love to see his work from up close. What a treasure.

  8. I'm with persiflage. Enough with the lego crap already!

  9. What an imagination he has! Very awesomely cool!!

  10. Cool! Makes the walls really interesting.

  11. Oh my, really fantastic idea! I am wondering if Jan will come to Istanbul? There are interesting historic cracks in every inch when walking out, and I would even like to help him:)

  12. Just amazing!

    Thanks for your visiting on my blog!

  13. That is a very cool installation. I love it.


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