Thursday, April 14, 2011

the return of the goose

Look who's back!

I know, it is hard to tell one goose from another, but this is our old friend Chris.
I wrote about him last year (you can read about it here)

He nearly gave me a heart attack the other night when he suddenly appeared again.

For about 6 - 8 weeks he hangs out in the 'hood, all by his lonesome. Mostly he sits in one of the five parking lots,

or sometimes in the middle of the road.

He is oblivious to cars and traffic.
But it is good to see him again.
To know he has survived another year.

Then one day, just as suddenly, he will disappear.


  1. Hey! Chris is looking good too!!

  2. Welcome back, Chris! Perhaps one day he will find another mate - it does happen sometimes.

  3. Well, not if he spends most of the mating season on the road - all the other geese are down by the lake.

  4. Poor Chris, to live such a celibate life. I really feel bad for him.

  5. Interesting that he just sits there like that. I have seen plenty of Canada geese, but always in flocks - I've never seen one all alone.

  6. I'm glad he's okay. I like his jaunty attitude. I had missed your last post somehow, but I have been to only one opera: The Marriage of Figaro. I really enjoyed it but as I've said before, that old saw about opera putting people to sleep is true! But not because it's boring. It's because the music and singing is like a very pleasant brain massage.

  7. Good stuff, I wonder how old he is?

  8. I've heard that Canada geese have fairly long life spans...although if Chis is oblivious to cars he may not be so lucky.

  9. It is the oddest thing, and he must have a lot of luck on his side!
    I am guessing that he is at least 10 years old, but really. how does one tell?


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