Wednesday, May 18, 2011

out in the rain

In spite of all the continuing rain, construction started yesterday on the 'dream house demolition' site.

And I hadn't seen Chris for about a week. You start to worry when they disappear so suddenly (even though you know that that is in their nature). But, usually about five nights out of seven I run into him by the side of the road...or in the middle of the road. It seems he has found some friends! I'm thinking the other two might be a pair as I've seen them hanging about at different times, but never so close with Chris before. Hmm, I wonder what they have been up to??

(Chris is the one in foreground)


  1. How lovely you have them there. lots of rain you are having, we are warm, windy and dry. horrible fire in Slave Lake, and more fires burning up North....maybe the rain will go there way. take care.

  2. Very nice post! Love Chris and his friends;o)
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics;o)

    Have a nice and happy day****

  3. We have a pair of ducks hanging out on the street corner. Of course, someone is giving them food and water. It's so dangerous. Can't wait to see what they are building on the demolition site.

  4. Jazz: a bit of a scary thought, isn't it?!

    Cinner: How utterly devastating for the people of Slave Lake. I cannot imagine losing your whole town.

    Cildemer: thanks for visiting, check out my photo blog, too.

    Nora: in spite of my angst at the demolition of the cute house, I am rather excited to see what goes up. hope we are not disappointed!
    feeding the ducks is never a good thing. these geese seem quite able to get their own food by the looks of things!

  5. How do the neighborhood kids resist getting into all that mud?

  6. SAW: there is actually a four foot mesh fence all around the property to keep people out. it is bright orange and ugly, so I shot this photo over the top of it.

  7. LGS: do you have any in sight into that, as a squirrel in the know?

  8. Love the photos!!

  9. As a squirrel, I am just scared to death of geese. They have a hard beak and anger issues.

  10. I had to go back and see what the dream house was all about -- what a shame. It DID look like a very charming home. I can't wait to see what arises in its place.

  11. LGS; understood. though these guys seem to be pretty tame

    XUP: they must have been busy today. it will be a single family home as there are no rezoning notices up.


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