Thursday, August 25, 2011

an escape

We drove for hours. To get away from the crowds. It almost didn't work. It seems Tobermory was very crowded. We couldn't even get into one area of the National Parks because the parking lots were all full! Most of the boats were fully booked, too, though we did manage to get on one glass bottomed boat to see the ship wrecks below. By then my memory card said it was full. Bollocks. I remember many a time on family trips, running into gas stations and drug stores to get another roll of film. You could find them everywhere. Not so with the memory cards. And certainly not in a place that is only open for business six months of the year. So they say. Though, I guess when film runs out after 36 shots and memory cards are reusable after hundreds (except my defective one, sigh) I can sort of understand it.

Still, I managed to get a shot of this to share with you.

It won't mean too much to most of you who are from so far away, but this ferry brings back those "oh, I remember" moments to many of us of a certain age.....

a boat going on a boat.

This is what takes you from the top of the Bruce Peninsula over to Manitoulin Island.

We didn't go on it because we didn't have enough time so we headed for a less crowded beach (which quickly got crowded as more people were directed here by the guide at the Cyprus Lake parking lot)

A rocky beach. (where I borrowed a camera...)

with the most indescribably stunning scenery
it takes your breath away every time


  1. The water certainly is an incredible color. It looks like you're in the tropics. Was it very cold?

  2. This is why I dump photos off my camera onto the computer nearly every day.

    Cool ferry.

  3. Nora: it was refreshingly cool

    SAW: that why i knew it was 'bollocks', I always download and then delete the photos off the card.

  4. What a shame such a beautiful beach is all rocks. Could they cover it with sand? What is the water? (I suck at geography.)

  5. Geewits: I forgot to include that this is Georgian Bay. the other side of the peninsula is Lake Huron, which is where you'll find the sandy beaches. I rather like the rocks.

  6. How glorious. Crowds make me uncomfortable. I am happy to play in my forest <A HREF="</A>!

  7. Oh my! How fabulous!! Love your photos too!

  8. Jenn: crowds can be annoying. and to look at these pictures it is hard to believe I was annoyed by them!!

    SueAnn: thanks, it was all the more fabulous for being spur of the moment...

  9. The water is such a beautiful colour. Tobermorey beaches are less crowded in January, (OK, only kidding.)

  10. EG: yes... but it also wouldn't be that beautiful green & blue colour!

  11. Wow!lovely rocks and a pebble beach.
    The last time i saw one was on a beach in the southern part of Korea.


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