Sunday, January 25, 2015

changes in everyday life

this was an exciting stamp to receive! even the priority mail sticker is in a hexagonal shape. it is part of a series of six stamps of Changes in Everyday Finland issued in October 2014. I actually got two postcards from Finland on the same day with a different one of these stamps on each (so, if I was excited about one, you can imagine my excitement at getting two, at the same time!) - but for the life of me I now can't find the other one...
they are non-denominational first class stamps and the designs "depict six megatrends that have changed everyday life: information technology, culinary culture, domestic appliances, migration, pop culture and vehicles." 

below is a picture of the set I found from, and here is a link to the artist Sami Saramäki's work. there will be more in this series coming in the next couple of years leading up to the Finland's celebration of it's 100th year of independence in 2017.


  1. Finland comes up with such great designs no matter what the theme. The idea behind these is a stroke of genius.

  2. Wow, they are really wonderful! I wouldn't mind to receive some of these.

  3. Wow they are some stamps, you couldn't get any more shaped than that. Finland must be the only country that does themed priority labels in their stamp booklets. Guess 2017 would be the time to visit Finland, just think of the type of stamps they might come up with for that celebration. I'm just dreaming of entering a Finnish post office at some point!

  4. Those are really cool - they'd be interesting on tiles in a funky kitchen or something.


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