Sunday, December 18, 2016

Three Wise Santas

In 1992 a series of International Santa Claus, or "Christmas Personages" was issued. These were all designed by Stephanie Power.
I couldn't find any explanation for why these particular countries were chosen, but we have the domestic rate stamp with Estonia, the US rate stamp with Italy, and the overseas rate stamp with Germany.
Estonia's "JĂľuluvana" is clothed in a brown sheepskin coat and matching hat, hand-knitted mittens and a walking staff. Imported from German legend, he carries a bag of presents for good children and uses his stick on the naughty.
Based on an illustration by Anita Kunz

"La Belfana" of Italy, is a benevolent witch-like woman who rides a broomstick on the eve of Epiphany, January 5, carrying presents for the deserving and charcoal for the erring. After leaving small gifts and consuming snacks left for her, she sweeps the floors with her broom. Italy also enjoys a second gift-giver, Babbo Natale, a Santa figure similar to ours who brings larger or more expensive gifts on Christmas Eve.
Based on an illustration by Jamie Bennett

Germany's "Weihnachtsmann" is a thin, stooped, heavily laden, white-bearded old man who makes his rounds on Christmas Eve with his sack of presents and a Christmas tree. He is a secularized version of Saint Nicholas, who is still associated with December 6.
Based on an illustration by Simon Ng

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  1. Hello! these are great stamps - I've never seen them.

  2. I like Italy's La Befana, I seem to remember she gives out sweets as well. One could do a whole series of those stamps where it would be interesting to see other traditions.

  3. Fascinating choices for stamps, thanks for sharing them, they're very interesting.

  4. Wow! I love reading about these three Santa personas! Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. I only knew the Italian Befana. But I think it's a very nie idea to share different Christmas traditions on stamps (and very Canadian!).

  6. Super stamps each with new lessons for me.

  7. I know I am not normal about this, but I have always found Santa creepy and these characters are no exception to that feeling.


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