Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday AMuse

Pigs Will Fly



  1. I really do love the pigs.. They remind me of a project my daughter did when she was saving up money to go to Australia.. she made a good size paper mache pig with wings, a curly tail and a small slot cut out of its back... a piggy bank.. and said she would have enough money to when pigs fly

  2. Gwen: and it helped - she did get to Australia, right??

    UA: I took more pics of the pigs than I did of the wedding!! (but then I counted on the others to help with those)

  3. yes she did go and stayed a year and a half.. but it was so dry and hot 45C... she couldn't take it anymore and headed back to Canada. She has a new found appreciation for our northerly climate now and her west coast rain forests!

  4. Gwen: All that eternal (infernal) sunshine and blue skies... I couldn't take the heat when I was there either.

  5. I do actually like these pigs. I also tend to read my horoscope too!

    CJ xx

  6. I am definitely going to try to get to the last weekend showing in Oct and I will take loads of pics. I am so in love with this idea of the pigs.



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