Friday, May 8, 2009

There is a new game of tag going around the blogosphere, all about thinking happy. Finding joy in the little things in life. Interestingly, the blog that just this week won a Webby for best personal blog and the People's Choice Award is 1000 Awesome Things. Check it out and see if you don't find yourself smiling in recognition at some of the insignificant awesome things in life that just seem to make you happy, even if only for a moment. It's more than a list, with interesting perspectives thrown in. Started almost a year ago, he updates daily with another of life's little pleasures, giving one pause for thought and laughter. Or cynicism.
“A lovingly beautiful blog. It’s like being a three- or four-year-old and looking at the world for the first time again. Read it and you’ll feel good about being human.” – Jim Hedger, Webmaster radio

I'd like to say that waking up refreshed and rarin' to go after a good deep sleep is one thing that makes me happy. Well, it is, but I don't think it falls into the 'unimportant things that make you happy' category. which is the point of this tag. That is a really important thing. This past week has been especially trying, for some reason. The mere act of waking up has exhausted me. Walking over to the kitchen then the computer, I'm glad of the chair. Even the computer has been a bit trying of late, taking so long to upload some blogs, that I give up and go lay down, where my desire to read fights with my need to sleep. Neither one seems to come out a winner.

But, with the birds singing and the sun shining I headed outdoors today. And thought about the Six Unimportant Things That Make Me Happy.
A tag from reflecting Susan over in the 'Swamp. I won't tag any of you, but if anyone else feels like playing, "you're it".

1. A good hair day
2. The smell of laundry fresh off the line. Especially bedsheets. And pillowcases.
3. A brilliantly painted sunset after a dull day.
4. A really, really, good cup of tea in the afternoon.
5. Ducks. Playing, waddling, quacking, swimming, diving. How can you not smile when you see them?
6. When a young child, who is not yours and you've just met, reaches up and puts her hand in yours. Of course, I get this same warm feeling when a cat climbs onto my lap and curls up to sleep. It's a tie.


  1. 1000 is too many to read, but I love your list of 6.

  2. I love your six too---cottonrel

  3. I love your 6 - especially the laundry. I think I'd also add smiles and chats with people I don't really know but who are fellow dog walkers in the park! Sometimes its so cold and grey (or it was this winter) we just stomp round with our heads down, but the sun certainly brings out the smiles!

  4. I'm sorry you are not sleeping well. Is it your mattress? Every night I lie down and think, "Oooh my bed is so cozy!" And it's always my last thought and I go right to sleep. I wake up happy making jokes in my head about whatever dream I was having and then I laugh at my crazy bed hair.
    It's funny you mentioned ducks. Today I was on the phone and noticed a mourning dove walking right up to my front door. My front door is always open during the day and I have a glass outer door. The mourning dove walked right up and looked in and I was laughing and telling my friend that I had never noticed that they walk like ducks.
    I hope you get some good sleep and feel well-rested soon. And maybe think about a new mattress.

  5. #6 is pretty cool. I had a dog slide over and put his head under my hand once, on a train. I loved that.

    The 1000 Awesome Things blog is wonderful, thanks for that tip.

  6. Citizen: he's counting down daily from 1000, and is only at 770 - so there's only 230 to read.

    Ruth: you're welcome.

    Cottonreel: glad you like - you can play, too.

    Gilly: or getting a smile and hello back when you greet someone in the elevator - it often doesn't happen.

    Geewits: I was thinking of taking the ducks off the list (as they're not unimportant), but you'd commented, and I really, really get a kick out watching them. I'll have to check out the doves, too.

  7. Sanna, thanks for playing tag with me and I promise I won't ever do it to you again! :) I love all 6 of yours, especially the sheets. I just dried some on the line today and I had to bury my face in them as I folded. They try and try to bottle that smell, but it can't be done.

  8. Susan: this one was fun.
    I didn't even bother folding my laundry today - just put the sheets back on the bed and I'm about to bury my face in the pillow...

  9. Sometimes, out of nowhere, a bliss of happiness hits me and lingers there for a long time. I don't know what the reason for it is. Maybe it is such a small thing that I don't even notice it. I welcome it with open arms and feel the gladness through my whole body. That would be one of my six things, but it is hard to describe. Spontaneous moments of happiness?

  10. Some of my favourites here too!
    It really is the little things that count.


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