Saturday, September 25, 2010

SundayStills - the letter S

I hadn't even checked what the theme was for this week's Sunday Stills until I came back from

the Stratford Festival (saw As You Like It and I loved it!) How appropriate.

Fortunately we only had about an hour and a half to drive, so we didn't need to avail ourselves of this establishment.

For those who are not familiar with Stratford, there are a lot of swans about. Stratford is known for the theatre and for the swans. And there is a bit of theatre around the swans as well. There is a parade when they are released into the Avon on the last Saturday in March and they are revered throughout the town.
Here come a few of them now. Someone has food.
I would have taken more photos of the swans, had I known about the S photo challenge. Still, this worked out very well. I'll be back in Stratford next month (for Kiss Me Kate) and I hope to find at least one of the two Black Swans. I am the designated driver, so my travelling companions may have to find an establishment for their own imbibement and entertainment while they wait out my incessant photographing.

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  1. It's strange but just about everybody likes swans, don't they? They are so gracious.

  2. I love swans too, although I have never seen one in person. thanks so much. hope you are well. hugs.

  3. the swan photo is definitly a winner, well done

  4. Love the swans!! They are so elegant!! And the play sounded fantastic!! Glad you had fun!

  5. Very nice. What a lovely place, and a great Shakespearean experience. :)

  6. Stratford, is that where the Housewives of Stratford is?

    I always imagine myself to that writer. LOL

  7. Great job love the pics of the Swans..:-))

  8. Your swans are beautiful. Oh, to be able to shoot like this....maybe someday. The color is popping off my computer screen. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the swing bridge. I do NOT like the swaying at all. When I take my granddaughter there, I stay OFF of it. I look at her in amazement thinking I would be losing whatever was in my stomach. And, yes, it is VERY picturesque.


  9. Puzzles galore in your blogs.
    First the Chemung and now Stratford:
    Which Stratford are we talking about here? Ours has no swans running amok, I didn't think.
    And to make it even more confusing, nowwe also have the Stratford wives stepping forward.
    Oh my.

  10. swams are so elegant...except when they are chasing or hissing at you. (experience speaks)

    we have a wonderful Shakespeare theater here too.

  11. I've never seen a swan out of the water. Do they waddle? Seems like they shouldn't.

  12. Yes, Nora and cinner, I think swans are universally adored for their beauty and grace, unless they attack, which I have seen but not experienced, as has Char!

    They do waddle, Jazz, but they also lope from side to side more than ducks do. Glad you like the swans shot, Chloe, Ed and Genie - it's fun to see them gathering together and running for food.

    Thanks, Holly. It is a lovely spot Dianne and I haven't seen much Shakespeare that I've really, enjoyed, SueAnn but this production was excellent.

    Sorry for confusing you, Joco! The bridge on the Chemung River is in Corning NY (Iwas there last month) and this Stratford is in Ontario (with its own Avon!). I am not sure what "Housewives of Stratford", Ann (who is in NZ), you are referring to?

  13. It's funny to see swans out waddling around, looking a bit less graceful than they do in the water.

  14. I know, SAW, don't they have such strange foot action?!

  15. Perfect. Swans always look so majestic to my eyes.

  16. I've been so behind in reading blogs! My son's GF is one of the boys in Peter Pan. It's been a great run for her.

    We've been too busy to go out, other than to eat as we didn't have a kitchen for about 10 days!

    Thanks for visiting and faithfully reading my cottage country blog!

  17. I've always wanted to go to the Stratford festival, hopefully one day. I LOVE that picture of the swans!!


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