Thursday, June 16, 2011

update on demolition and rebuild

I was almost in hope that the new house would be in keeping with the others in the block. Then I saw that there is a 3 car garage attached.
Then I noticed these two large columns at the front door

as a comparison, here it is with the cape cod style house next door.

as a reminder..... the original house, with the huge front yard

Now that I have my SD card back...  I'll do a little walkabout so you can see what others monster homes are in my neighbourhood.

If you are interested.


  1. Yes, I'm definitely interested. Glad you got your card back. Did it hurt much?

  2. Nora: nope, no pain. though the genius guy had a bit of a harder time getting it out than he expected.

  3. Yes! I want pics of your neighborhood. The houses, but also the areas you like to hang out in, the interesting parts of town...

    - Jazz

  4. Those immense houses make one ponder the meaning of life, don't they? Will this one have room for a garden?
    Glad you got your card back. Was a paperclip used?

  5. Sounds like you're really impressed by those mansions that those folks are going to have to clean, heat, and maintain and that really fit into a homey neighborhood.

    Living like "Rockafellers" on over-extended credit...funny world.

  6. Jazz: okay

    persiflage: I used a paperclip, I have no idea what they used behind closed doors!

    Blue H Moon: thanks for your visit and for commenting - yeah, really impressed with the higher property taxes they incur for the neighbours, too!

  7. Yes yes, more neighbourhood photos, please - and snarky comments, too, if possible!

  8. I think it's a shame that they couldn't do something with the original bones of the house - maybe add to the back and left or something. I love classic styles. I bet this will be a typical McMansion.

  9. The previous house was what's called a bungalow here, beloved of the elderly.

    The new house looks like it has all the makings of a monstrosity - but give it time. Many of the comfortable old red brick roses-round-the-door houses we love here in England started off as much-reviled raw red brick horrors standing in a patch of builder's rubble when they were first built.

    Still sad to watch it emerge in its raw state though!

  10. Me thinks the new home is going to be a monster and not quite fit in. A shame really!! I would love to see the homes in your neighborhood!

  11. Pinklea: I'll try to keep the snark...

    Geewits: I know, with so much land they could have gone in any direction.

    Rachel: I grew up in a bungalow and find them very efficient.

    SueAnn: you will likely be surprised... hopefully not disappointed

  12. Cripes. Can't anyone live simply anymore?

  13. I'm very prejudiced against these huge monstrosities being built in older neighbourhoods. They should stay in their own subdivisions, in my not-so-humble opinion.


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