Wednesday, June 29, 2011

still waiting

Today didn't turn out quite as expected. It is now well past 5 pm (as I start writing this) and they have not come. Again. The letter said - and I quote (sans snarky rejoinders as much as I am so tempted...)  "As part of our ongoing effort to make living easy for you, we will be completing an annual suite inspection of your unit on Monday June 27th between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Should any deficiencies be noted, we will contact you after the inspection to co-ordinate a time to complete the required work. Please note, you do not need to be present for this inspection, however we kindly ask that you remove all deadbolts and chain locks." 
That last bit was in bold.

As if I would actually want an 'inspection' in my home without being present! Of course I planned to be present. When our previous superintendent was around, I would have gladly let him come in and do what he needed, knowing that he wasn't pleased at having to do these inspections any more than we were at having them done. (though whenever you hear about grow-ops or hoarders living in buildings, I rethink that idea) He would come in take a cursory look around and make the necessary notes, which one year involved recording the serial numbers of the fridge and stove. Really? What kind of maintenance inspection is that? Whatever. But I liked Mike. Nearly everyone liked him. Now we have an office full of staff who do not make themselves present to us so it is anyone's guess as to who would actually be conducting this inspection. And as past years have proved, they really don't intend to "make our living easier" by doing upgrades or any more maintenance than they can get away with not doing.

It would make my living easier if you just showed up. (and even easier if you actually did the required repairs...) But at 4:50 I got a phone call, saying they were behind schedule and they could come the next day if that was convenient. Well, since I had already waited up all day for them, no that would not be convenient. And I reminded the superintendent that since I work nights, I would like to sleep during the morning. Fine, the day after then.

So another day of little sleep and waiting around... There are things I want them to see and take note of, not the least of which are the washroom issues that still have not been fixed or replaced. And there are things that I do not want them to see, not the least of which would be my collection of clothes horses for drying my laundry on the balcony. They frown on that sort of thing, so why give them a reason to keep looking up... (which is also annoying in that the last three days have been perfect clothes-drying-outside weather: sunny and breezy. and I always use clothes pegs to stop them from flying off the balcony.)

I was a little excited about going down to the mailroom to pick up my mail today, though. I was thinking at least a few bills (or invoices really as most of my bills are paid automatically) and maybe a fistful of postcards from Postcrossing. It has been so long and I missed my daily hopeful visit to the mailbox. After weeks of strikes and a lockout and now back to work legislation, we got mail.
well, junk mail. that's it. one lonely flyer.


  1. I think when you rent somewhere it should be in the landlord's own interest to keep on top of maintenance issues. It's often the case they that want to inspect but they are never there when the money needs spending!

    CJ xx

  2. Yeah but it's a CANADIAN TIRE flyer! National treasure of a store or something. You should be thrilled.

    You gotta wonder at their logic. If the place falls down around your ears, it's not like their investment is paying off.

  3. I actually got real mail yesterday...which meant bills no flyers yet. Good luck with the inspection, too bad your day was spent waiting around. have a good weekend dear friend.

  4. Crystal: exactly!

    Jazz: so much in my place is original (from 1962) but it is not quite 'shabby chic'

    Cinner: I have a list of complaints for them when they get here... and still no real mail, yet.

  5. Thank you for your visit my blog and commenting!
    Our latitude is same as somewhere between Fairbanks and Anchorage ;)
    Nice weekend to you nice Canadian person ;)

  6. I like it when my mail consists only of fliers that can go straight into the paper recycle box. I do dislike people not showing up when they say they will. I think of all that wasted time I could have been doing something else. I hope they stick to their word and show up and don't comment on your clothes horses on the balcony. Let's hope that whatever renovations they choose to make won't cause you too much hassle.

  7. Nora: I much prefer getting those postcards from around the world. And you can rest assured that no renovations will happen here until I move - but by then the work will be quite substantial. I mostly want to remind them, every year, that this place has had nothing done (beyond painting) in over 20 years

  8. That your apartment has not had to have any major repairs or upgrades is probably a testament to the good care you've taken of it. Not that that excuses such treatment of a good tenant! You would think they would want to do everything in their power to keep you there, clothes horses notwithstanding.

    I hope that they've been there by now!

  9. Oh Susan, but you have it all wrong - it needs much work done, it's just that nobody in management seems to care to do any of it. and no, they haven't been in yet.

  10. I so rarely get real mail anymore. Kind of sad.


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