Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Stamps

I am still sending and receiving postcards from Postcrossing. One of the things I despair about this project, apart from the cost of the stamps, is the boringness of the international stamps that we have available. The best ones seem to be reserved for domestic mail, which is fine, but it is hard to make them add up to $1.75 to send internationally.

We do have these new-ish stamps that have no denomination on them so that you can use them even when the price goes up, which it probably has since these ones were printed, 
but, again, that is only for domestic.

Anyway, I have found a new meme for stamps and it has given me the impetus to get my hundreds of postcards sorted and uploaded (well, photographed, at least. one step at a time.) The theme this week 
is all things related to sports and I thought it was a perfect time to jump in with these stamps from the 2010 Olympics that I still have kicking about.

This was Canada's contribution to celebrating the event philately.
Since it was the Winter Games, we have skiing, snowboarding, luge (or is that bobsled?) and hockey.
This is the Russian stamp celebrating the event

and another from Belarus
Going back to the previous Olympics, 
we have one from China with that strange looking figure running...
and I am not sure about this one, also from China, 
but it looks rather sporting to me with another figure, running...
Check out Viridian's blog for more stamps around the world, while I go and sort the rest of my cards
(and maybe find the stamp I am sure I have for Sochi)


  1. I got tired of the cost of Postcrossing and the types of cards received, so I haven't sent anything in a long time. I have a whole sheet of stamps for international postage so need to send some more--hoping to get holiday postcards.

  2. I've been fortunate with Postcrossing, both with cards and stamps. I usually use domestic postage made up with some of the vast selection of smaller denomination stamps I buy in what feels like bulk.

    I love the art work on the Canadian stamps but also the little Chinese runner, whatever it is.

  3. Having gone to a school overseas, I used to love corresponding with old school mates for the postage. Now we all keep up electronically - there's something lost with that.

  4. I love that you're sorting and looking at the postage. I have so many cards that I've received from Mail Artists but they are helter skelter into shoe box type of boxes. One of these days I'll get organized. I've not done Postcrossing for ages because I've been doing my 365 mail art project and postage does add up. I actually do one or MORE mail art pieces daily. I do love postage stamps, and am so pleased when mail comes with a stamp on it that is new to me.

  5. Postcardy: I am not tired of it yet, and still get excited when I see the handwritten bits of a postcard in my mailbox.

    Sheila: I really should get more organized to use up some of my old denominations of stamps.I suppose I could fill up the whole back side of the card that way...

    SAW: I also miss getting letters. I wait for the Christmas cards from overseas friends to get the stamps, but even that is falling off.

  6. Most of the stamps you see on Sunday stamps are from Postcrossing, unless I tell a story otherwise. I've been on hiatus for 2 months (going on 3) because of the cost (I was sending 40+ postcards a month). But I miss getting cards in the mail, so I am going to return, sending 5 or so cards a month.
    Thank you for joining us, and posting some Canadian stamps. I hope to see you again. If you find the Sochi stamp you could post it next week.

  7. Our international stamps are boring too. Both the European ones and the overseas ones. The domestic ones don't have a denomination on them but sometimes I use them for international mail. It works, though I hold my breath every time I do it. I feel that by grace they get through. XOX

  8. Viridian: I am up to sending 14 at a time and I every time I go anywhere where there might be postcards I stock up. In my sorting I found a whole bunch that had been put in with the received cards so I will keep at it for awhile!

    Nora: you are right - the Nederlands are a little boring, too! I have thought about using these domestic ones and holding my breath (I'd hate to hear that the recipient had to pay any postage due!)

  9. I'm not a member of the Postcrossing fraternity so rarely see a postcard. However those of you who are have got me searching fleamarket stalls for postcards but so far none with stamps have caught my eye. Pity but I'll keep looking.
    I always enjoy seeing Olympic stamps and these are all 'firsts' for me.

  10. Bobsled and luge are two different things. Those are cool stamps. My husband just got our Christmas stamps and I love the tree ornament ones. As for that last Chinese stamp, my first thought was "Trying to escape from China."

  11. Bob: I've also started seeking out old postcards, but here I find them too expensive to send to a Postcrosser so they are my own collection.

    Geewits: I know and now that I look at it more closely, I see it is definitely a bobsled.

  12. You need to go to and make your own stamps!!! It is a lot of fun and you can use your own pics or art work!! Give it a try

  13. SueAnn: that site is only for US postage, I see, but it looks an interesting concept (which I believe Canada Post has tried in the past, don't know if the photo stamps are still available)

  14. I always like the Canadian small denomination stamps, such an interesting selection. We have the similar problem as you in that they don't always issue international stamps with issues. Our small denomination stamps - the boring queens head. I've got a stash of old stamps that I use.
    Love that little Chinese mascot.

  15. I had no idea people commemorated other people's games with stamps. Who knew?

    OK, probably the whole universe except me...

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  17. Joy: yes,some of the 1 and 5 cent stamps are nice, but putting os many on a card takes up so much room (then again, it means I don't have to fill up the space with idle writing...)

    Jazz: I am here to share the world's secrets with you

    EG: I think it is fairly new and does look like something fun


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