Wednesday, May 23, 2012

skyway, ships and scaffolds

If you live in the area and know nothing else about Burlington, you will at least have heard of the Burlington Skyway.
It is officially called the Burlington Bay James N Allen Skyway, but you will be hard pressed to find anyone who has ever used that name. My guess is you would be hard pressed to even find anyone who knows who James N Allen is (which is a sad commentary on our knowledge of local politics.) As a 90th birthday present, after the bridge was twinned with a second span, it was officially renamed in honour of the former chair of the Niagara Parks Commission and Minister of Highways. (and, yes, I had to look that up, thank you wikipedia...)
The steel truss bridge was built in 1958 and was a toll road until 1973. By 1988, a second span (without the arch) was added to bring the number of lanes to eight. The arched bridge on the lake side carries the Toronto bound traffic and the second span on the bay side is the Niagara bound lanes.

this is the bay side view with the lake side view above
ships, such as this one below, make their way down the St Lawrence River to Lake Ontario and under the Skyway (above) to the Port of Hamilton in Burlington Bay.

A year ago there was some scaffolding as repairs were begun. There is still some scaffolding, but nothing as serious as this!


  1. Thats some serious bridge work.

  2. makes me want to visit again.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. i love truss bridges--curves and steel appeal to me.:p
    great S post.

  4. There is a little treat for you over on my blog.

  5. Wow that is some scaffolding. Looks like a great place to take photographs, love the bay side view.

  6. Wow! I love seeing the underside of bridges. Great post.

  7. It all looks very similar to the bridge near me, the Iron Cove Bridge. It too had an additional span built in the last few years - lots of protests from protesters, though, and it took several years to build. The new part heads west, the old one east-ish towards the city. The foreshore has pedestrian access, and is very popular with keep-fit people to do the Bay walk/run. No one has come up with a gentle amble tile, though.

  8. Fantastic post with great photos!


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