Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sunday Stamps - Jubilee

I could think of no better stamps for this Jubilee Weekend but see what other stamps were chosen at Viridian's Postcard blog

one of the nicer views of the Queen

The photo is a hauntingly regal side shot of the Queen wearing diamonds, draped in furs, sitting in a carriage on her way to a state opening of Parliament in London. The public likes it too: sales have been so strong that the current production run of six million might be upped. (macleans Feb/12)
one of the more casual views of the Queen
issued 2010

I thought this was an abstract blue background, but I was wrong.

Design/Illustration by Doreen Colonello
"We were delighted to feature a photograph of Her Majesty in her classic wave pose." The close-up photograph is shown before a vibrant sedum. "We strove to create a royal and serene backdrop for The Queen, choosing this plant for its radiating leaves and its subtle colour gradations," explains Colonello. "Two blue curved transparent forms in the foreground echo the flower’s rays, and the play between the rays in the background and the transparency in the foreground surround The Queen with a sense of light and warmth."

and one that was offered by Charles Pachter, but ultimately rejected by Canada Post

Pachter is well known for his iconic paintings of the Queen on a moose and this might have been a bit more fun than the 
staid series that is on offer 

which if you are really interested, you can view here


  1. She is a lovely, grannyish queen isn't she?

  2. The one of the Queen on the moose is brilliant! Although I am not surprised it was rejected for issue. I really like the first portrait of the queen you included too, the second one I think is a bit boring. But I do love the royals and find royal stamps fascinating! Nice choices!

  3. Wonderful the first one.

  4. Lovely stamps, I especially like the one with the moose :)

  5. Oh, I posted the same stamp :)

  6. Nice stamps. What a pity they did not choose the moose, so whimsical.

  7. My favorite is the one in the blue outfit. The moose picture is amusing, but not for a stamp.

  8. Yes the moose pic might not work for a stamp! I like the first one. thanks for participating.

  9. Fine stamps. especially the first.

  10. Canada always issued beautiful stamps of royalty.

  11. That first stamp is really regal and very apt for this weekend.
    I must admit that I am enjoying all the Jubilee ceremonies on TV, especially the boat pageant on the Thames yesterday. Too bad about the weather.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

    1. I am rather fond of a good bit of pageantry, myself!

  12. All Commonwealth countries including Australia of course, are celebrating the Queen's diamond jubilee in one way or another. We have had various functions around the nation.

  13. Great selection! It's interesting to see the rejected design.

  14. I do like your take on the Jubilee. Surely the Queen, being the most well-travelled and good-humoured of people, would be tickled pink by the picture of her Trooping the Colour on a Canadian moose.

  15. I got sick of the Jubilee celebrations here in the UK.

  16. THE MOOSE STAMP IS AMAZING! I wish that existed!

  17. I am the designer of the first two stamps, and I thank everyone for the generous comments. I love the Charles Pachter illustration too.
    Doreen Colonello
    Entro | G+A


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