Monday, October 6, 2014

a walk in a park

Earlier this summer, a friend and I had gone for a walk in Bluewater Park at Colpoys Bay off Georgian Bay. Wiarton used to be a lumber town, but by the 1930's that industry had vanished and the land became parkland. There is a small beach at one end. At one time a bigger beach was planned, with truckloads of sand brought in, but the topsoil wasn't properly treated beforehand and weeds soon appeared.
so the bit between the boardwalk and the water mostly looks like this, below
at the other end you can see the marina under the Niagara Escarpment.

the view is never-endingly beautiful
but what was new this year was the fitness equipment in the park! 
I had read about these, but hadn't actually seen one.

at each station were signs like these explaining how to use the equipment and which muscles are targeted. just like at an indoor gym
we tried out each piece of equipment and wondered why the park was practically empty, though it may have had something to do with the fact it was between 5 and 6 pm by the time we were there
and really, sitting here 
looking out at this
almost - almost - had me thinking I could live here

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  1. Oh it would be a nice thing to see every day beautiful. B

  2. I like these kind of parks with gym equipment in them. I've seen them in Israel, but we don't have them in Norway.

    1. I wonder how often this will get used during the cold, fierce winter months?

  3. Funny you should feature the gym equipment! On the front at Quarteira, in the Algarve, I spotted something similar for the first time ever. I'm not interested in gyms but at least they were exercising facing the sea, out in the open, instead of behind a glass wall. :)
    Many thanks for sharing.

  4. I've not heard of gym equipment being outside - it is a refreshing idea.

  5. Lovely peaceful place, we also have that outdoor gym equipment at our home beach, not many people seem to use it, but we do...when we are home...

  6. Beautiful views, and so serene!


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