Monday, March 16, 2015

expect delays

It didn't really feel like it, but we hit double digits today of 11ºC though, with a windchill, it felt much colder and it will keep on getting colder again as the week moves on. So, I thought it was high time I went for a walk and took some photos and posted some sort of adventure. And see if I have any readers left.

I set off to the beach. 
Which at this time of year looks like this
that's filthy snow covering the sand
and yes, it is right on a hydro corridor and beside a busy highway!
by the time spring gets here and the weather is more pleasant, I will have to make the effort to actually walk the whole distance from my home, instead of from the parking lot
especially as this will be happening

The bridge in question is the lift bridge over the canal between Lake Ontario and Burlington BayThere's information on the history of the canal lighthouse which was built in 1858. It's been decommissioned and is now boxed in (and dwarfed) by the two bridges.
Another sign has a helpful map to guide pedestrians who wish to cross the canal, which can be especially confusing when the trees are full and blocking the view.
I was hoping to see some of the dozens of ducks that like to hang out in the canal, but with the fast flowing ice, they had all moved out to more open water
Interestingly, the ice was moving out from the frozen bay to the open lake when I arrived, but was moving back into the bay by the time I'd walked the length of the pier.
Somewhere in among all those buildings in the distance is where I live
The pier isn't maintained and the snow has turned into a muddy, slushy mess

Spring melt is not fun or pretty, especially in the city and there is news that more snow could be on its way by the end of the week. March is always unpredictable. And spring may delayed.
But at least there are some ducks to see.
a short and mostly unpleasant walk for Restless Jo's Monday Walks
with signs of a delayed spring and impending traffic congestion for signs, signs


  1. Frozen beach :)

    I'm just wondering how these birds managed to swim

  2. I found the lighthouse in that shot. I hope it's being maintained as a historic site.

    1. frustratingly, it's not. there is an active Friends of the Lighthouse group, but it's an ongoing struggle to get heritage designation.

  3. Enjoyed reading this. I'm following so I can see your future Monday walks! (Catherine - USA - Arizona)

  4. Gosh, that looks rather chilly! I was out gardening this afternoon and while it wasn't exactly warm, it was quite tolerable. Hope your snow keeps on melting!

  5. Well, I was excited by the floating ice, but the rest was pretty depressing. No wonder you were dazzled by my boats, when you found them. :) Mind you, I have flat grey skies here in the north of England too, but none of that mush, thankfully.
    Sorry you had problems and I will think about a link, but I've ran the feature for a year now and people are mostly used to how it works. There are often difficulties with another host, aren't there. Part of the problem was that I went back in and updated 'boats' because I wasn't happy with a couple of words (I'm depressingly nit picking like that :( ). For their own reasons Wordpress then moved it down the order of posts. I've since learnt what to do to correct this so hopefully it won't happen again (or I'll just stop fiddling :) )
    Hope your weather cheers up some time soon, and thanks for the link.

  6. First off things look the same south of the lake. I remember back in the 50's when the only way to Toronto was by going over the lift bridge. Sometimes the wait was so long we could stop and get something to eat at one of the little places along the road. Now you can drive with all the "crazies" on the QEW. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  7. As much as I like beaches, right now this beach doesn't beckon me at all. So 11 C is around 70 F?

  8. Incredible sights of snow and ice. It seems so strange to see snow and sand together.

  9. You are really under winter for sure. Love the photos you took of the ice and all. Very interesting. Glad you could get out and walk a bit...

  10. Oh my, that is some dirty snow!!
    I'd forgotten about the bridge repairs - thanks for the reminder.

  11. I can see that you are ready for spring!

  12. I like seeing where bloggers live.

    I had to google the temperature to translate it. 50 feels great in the winter, but chilly once it's supposed to be spring.

  13. Like Gemma I find the idea of sand topped with snow a bit hard to accept :)
    I have a liking for lighthouses and have seen many in various places, the ones inNova Scotia and Newfoundland are the ones I partcularly like. My husband has rellatives in that area so we visit quite frequently

  14. The good news is that you didn't let the weather discourage you. You got out there. You walked. You recorded a moment of history.

  15. Oh, I don't know, it has a certain atmosphere!

    Anabel's Travel Blog

  16. Wonderful series of nature shots! Wintry but nice ~ love the duck photo!

    Happy Week ahead to you
    artmusedog and carol


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