Sunday, October 11, 2015


Even in a flower, pink is not my favourite colour. Thankfully, pink is usually replaced by oranges, reds and yellows by October. But these are the flowers I found. Pink.
a pink lotus from China
and a pink powderpuff from Taiwan

 and some more pink flowers from China with an almost orange lily for fall colour
find more colourful flowers at Sunday Stamps II
I will be around to visit after I get back home from our family Thanksgiving dinner. 
Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving. Great selection, even though pink isn't your favorite.

  2. Pink isn't my favourite colour neither, and I also published pink stamps!

  3. I had always associated Thanksgiving with the USA until now. Your post is definitely 'in the pink!'

  4. I like pink flowers in a garden, just to be contrary :-) and there are some nice ones here. Every year I photograph the camelia with unsatisfactory results. The China stamp is how I anticipate it will come out like but never does, if only I could paint.


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