Saturday, September 2, 2017

Morris patterns

I'm not sure I could actually live with a room of these wallpaper patterns. Maybe one accent wall. Or maybe a panel, cut to fit a large picture frame. And many of the patterns for wallpaper were/are also available in fabric, so one could have a screen, or chesterfield also in the same pattern as the wall. If one wished. I'm happy with my postcard samples.

These postcards are three examples of wallpaper designs by William Morris made in the late 1800s. All told, he had over 600 designs for wallpaper and textiles. Morris firmly believed in the designer-craftsman model, where the one designing an item also produced the item, following it through all the stages to completion. He insisted on the use of good quality raw materials, all natural dyes, and hand processing. He had very high standards which could be a reason his designs were fashionable among the Victorian upper and middle classes of Britain. And that they endure to this day. You can still buy them today. (browse though this site for inspiration. it has 784 patterns to choose from. I felt a little overwhelmed.)
Anyway, the above postcard is Harebell, which I had to look up to discover it's also known as a bluebell, although I am a little confused as to why these flowers are yellow and not blue.

Seaweed                                                                               Autumn

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  1. I'm fairly certain I could live with an entire wall or even a couch for that matter covered with it. But maybe a cushion, or like you said a framed piece could be lovely.
    Enjoy your Saturday,

  2. I feel the same, I think it would be overwhelming as a wallpaper but miniature versions would be beautiful and great accent pieces. Thanks so much for joining the linky this weekend and have a great week ahead!

  3. They wouldn't work in our tiny homes, but I'd love to tour any "Great House" that used them!


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