Saturday, July 4, 2009

PhotoHunt - pink

It really is too bad Pinklea is off on holidays, probably sipping on pink gins - she would love this. I thought of her and have been waiting to post this (not very good) photo of a pink Harley I saw in front of a motorcycle shop about a month ago.

Then there is this beautiful Art Deco house that I make a point of walking past whenever I walk to the grocery store, just because I love it. There is another, similar house, painted white, that doesn't quite manage to capture the imagination the same way compared to this one.

As much as I love flowers, I have a hard time with flowering plants. They come home from the garden centre with lovely blooms. The blooms fade and die, as they do. Then, nothing. I am left with a pot full of greenery that never blossoms again. I had a begonia that I fussed over for at least 15 years that grew lovely leaves and was divided into several pots, but nary a blossom ever after its first bloom. I think I inherited that from my mother who always said she could never grow flowering plants.
But she could grow African Violets. She had dozens of them lined up on her north facing windowsill in the living room. Little pots of cuttings lined her kitchen windowsill. And she was rewarded with glorious blooms that were the envy of the neighbours. After she passed way, we divided the violets up and I came home with four of them. Three were in bloom. A friend gave me three more in the mistaken belief that I liked African Violets and would be pleased to have more. I wasn't. But I kept them anyway, waiting for the blooms to fade to dust. Two of the plants obligingly died, leaving four with glorious but boring (in my opinion) leaf growth. I must admit to not taking their care too seriously.
So, you can imagine my surprise, when I spotted this one morning while giving it some much needed water. A BUD!

Which has now become this

And so conveniently in pink, my not so favourite colour.

I have placed the other three surrounding it, so they can watch in wonder and perhaps get some competitive ideas...
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  1. lovely series of pink photos! I love the very cute pink flower at the bottom of the post though a baby pink building looks cool!

    happy week-end!

  2. I love all the pinks! I have to send a link to my niece of the pink Harley. She will love it! Wouldn't you just love to see the inside of the pink house?

  3. Great shots but the motorcycle is tops! I found a purple one when our theme was purple and loved using that.

    Sherry at EX Marks the Spot

  4. I lived near an African violet nursery in Dallas and they love to be root bound before blooming. Little suckers grow off the sides and these will root as well as the leaves. There were two that were my favorite.. one had double petals with ruffled tips and they were white with green edging. The other had double ruffled flowers that were a pink like this but with specks of blue and violet on the petals as if someone had spattered paint on them. I may start up again, perhaps.

    My pinks are up here.

  5. Just out of curiosity...these plants you brought home that never flowered again...were they still in the pots from the garden centre? If so, that explains everything.

  6. Arlene: am still not fond of African Violets - but am quite proud of that one!

    Susan: I keep hoping to see inside with the lights on - I think the woodwork may be painted white (the dining room is)

    Sherry: it was a very pretty looking bike

    srp: it would be great to see so many different varieties all together

    geewits: of course

  7. What a wonderful house! I love it! You find the most unusual things to photograph.

  8. miwise: that is my usual goal!

  9. Well, okay if you want flowers, you have to re-pot them at home in large roomy pots with all the fixin's. And water them. You can do it!

  10. Think Pink! Do you know the scene from "Funny Face" - one of my faves!

  11. I love the Art Deco House and wouldn't mind living in one and decorating it as originally as possible, while also making it a comfortable place to live in. It's a style of architecture that was popular around the world and houses like it can be found everywhere, and it is my sincere wish to own one some lucky day. Of course, I have to win the lottery in order to do so. I have to keep having my dreams and a pink motorcycle to go with it would not be half bad.

  12. My grandmother had a way with African violets but my sole violet sits and refuses to bloom. I don't have the heart to throw it out, though. I've decided I'm best with outdoor plants.

  13. Lovely pics. I'm not big on pink either, unless it's quite a strong pink. I really don't like washed out little girl pastel pink is nasty.

  14. Who would have thought.. a pink Harley!
    My mother grew fabulous African Violets, but I couldn't bring any home with me- plants are not allowed into OZ- or NZ. I have not got the gift for growing them, either.

  15. geewtis: I wish it were that easy. I sometimes even add fertilizer, and nothing. maybe I don't pray enough over them.

    Scott: I have to look it up to refresh my memory

    Irene: I'm with you on that Art Deco house - I imagine myself in it all the time...

  16. SA Woman: maybe we should let geewits have a try with them, then return them tous fully bloomed?

    Jazz: eewwww, pastel pink. Then again, I love this house in pink, so what gives?

    Amanda: it was certainly an eyecatcher on the street!

    Meggie: I guess you never know which houseplant is going to turn invasive, therefore the complete ban?! Just as well, it'd be heartbreaking to see all the flowers gone once you got hold of it.

  17. LOVE al your examples of PINK! The Motorcycle is quite something and thst house is lovely...I would love to see more pictures of it....!
    The new little blossoms are very very sweet....Hope the other plants get the!

  18. Mind you, a bloke daren't wear pink anymore over here!

  19. Naomi: so far they are ignoring the blossoming one

    Ken: too bad, I think a man in a pink shirt can look very dashing

  20. how wicked is that motorcycle!! :D
    awesome photos my favourite colour is pink <3

    (p.s i've added you to my blogroll)

  21. Chloe: so wicked, must get more (better) pics. and thank you!


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