Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Way to Have A Happy July First

Classic Caesar Recipe

• 4 oz. Clamato Cocktail
• 1.5 oz vodka
• 2 dashes Worcestershire sauce
• 1 dash Tabasco sauce
celery salt
celery stalk
lime wedge
pepper to taste
pinch salt to taste

Mixing instructions:
Rim a highball glass with lime, celery salt, and salt.

Add vodka and juice to ice,
and season with pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and Tabasco.

Roll gently to mix flavours and then garnish with a celery stick.

Sit back in a chair on the lawn and enjoy.
Repeat as many times as necessary.

If it rains, sit inside and look up Lone Grey Squirrel's finds on Canada, What a Really Big Country we are.
Or watch two very, very different solitudes of Life in Canada:
Corner Gas reruns all day (on The Comedy Network)
Trailer Park Boys reruns all day (on Showcase)

Happy Canada Day
142nd Birthday


  1. Sounds delicious! I'll be right there.

  2. Happy Birthday Canada, from a slightly overheated Belgium!

    July is a popular month: you celebrate today, the US the 4th, we the 11th/21st.

    And your Classic Caesar Recipe made me realize I needed to check it out one of these days (I'm having a lukewarm soda at present ;-)

  3. Whoa! Crazy synchronicity. I was just telling my husband about the caesar and how when I was in Canada, I thought my friend had just ordered a salad. He asked me what it was and I said, "It's a Bloody Mary except they use Clamato instead of tomato juice." He then asked "What's Clamato?"

  4. I love Corner Gas - only just discovered it here in Australia.

    Also found out that today is Victoria day in the state of Victoria. Nothing of the celebrations of the day in Canada - in fact not many know about it.......

    Happy Birthday Canada......

  5. Scott: and an Australian is first to the bar!

    Peter: you need to up the ante on that "lukewarm soda", hope you at least have a lime wedge with it.

    Geewits: it's funny how some things never quite make it across the border, eh?

    Widget: good to see you! and enjoy Corner Gas - those one liners come at you so softly from all directions.

  6. Happy Berfday, Canada.

    I try to like these tomato cocktails, but after a few sips I am riched out. And funny, I don't associate one of these with Canada. I picture it for a southern climate. So you go up there hot stuff! Way to shake up my perceptions of "nice and orderly" Canadians.


  7. Ruth: the Caesar (aka Bloody Caesar) is a Canadian National Drink - 40 years old this year. We are very proud of it (for some reason)

  8. It takes a great nation to be proud of its national drink! It sounds good, but definitely a sipping drink. I think one of these would fill me up.

    Happy Canada Day! Wow, you're old!

  9. I'm not much for Caesars, but if I can have a margarita with those Trailer Park Boys, you have me.

  10. Happy Birthday, Canada! The drink looks wonderful! I haven't had booze in maybe 10 or 15 years. Doesn't go well with Prozac. My son tells me to quit the pills and go back to drinking. Probably not.

  11. Happy Canada Day to a fellow Canadian!

  12. Well, happy Canada to you!

    How is that different from a Bloody Mary?

  13. Susan: "old"? old?

    Jazz: I never really got into Bubbles and Ricky and the gang, though some episodes I liked, but not as much as Corner Gas. Says something our personalities, eh?

    Miwise: um, probably not, you could have a Virgin Caesar (no vodka)

  14. Pan's Island: we have been rained out for most of the day, it has stopped now just in time...

    SA Woman: this is made with Motts Clamato [cocktail] juice, not plain tomato juice.

    Meggie: thanks, it's not over yet - there's still fireworks to come.

  15. An Australian first at the bar - of course!

  16. Your country is old, darling, not you! You will never be old. Vintage maybe, but never OLD! hehe

  17. Happy Canada Day and Thanks for the link.

  18. A very much belated Happy Canada Day, I almost got you mixed up with the 4th of July and I apologize profusely. We don't celebrate anything this month, much to my sadness. We could do with a celebration in honor of the hot weather.

  19. Irene: yeah, it is too bad they are so close together.

    So, have your own celebration in honour of the hot weather - put a little decoration on your bistro table when you are out with Von on Friday and say "prost" loudly to everyone who passes by!

  20. LGS: you are welcome - everyone should enjoy the Arrogant Worms....

    Sistertex: thanks and glad to share

    Susan: we think we are still in our young adulthood as a country

    Scott: good on ya for keeping up the stereotype!

  21. I do enjoy a well made Caesar

  22. They do say that you learn (or should learn) something new everyday...I never knew this was Canada's specialty sounds like something New Englandy...I will have to give it a try!

    Happy Belated Canada Day!

  23. Berni: so healthy what with the clamato juice and celery stick!!

    Oliag: I hadn't thought, but you are right. Do you guys have Motts Clamato Juice in the US yet?


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