Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a totally made up story with real pictures

Hello, my name is
and I will be your guide through this
Chrys an' the Mum Show (not a registered trademark name) that is on here at my greenhouse in the park. I know, the signs plastered all over town just say MUM SHOW, I have lawyers working on that.

Keep up and take photos, but do not touch the flowers, because they are art and well, I said so.

This year's theme is Autumn Harvest.

See how this truck that looked like scrap metal in the field has been transformed by the addition of a few dozen pots of pretty mums onto its bed? I have to guard it from stray squirrels who think it might be a bed of roses and set them straight.

Now inside, my kitties, and feast your eyes.

Don't mind the cow, she is tame and friendly.

She even has a pet chicken. There is a treat if you can guess the correct number of mums covering that cow.

Did you know that there are over a hundred and fifty different varieties of mums? No, well try telling your friendly floral buyer that at your local grocery store.

And see all the farm implements decorating the walls, some of them even have notices telling you young city folk what they were used for. Now you can feel thankful that you have more advanced tools to work with.

That is my loft up there, where I keep track of everything a good barn cat keeps track of.

Okay, I know, closeups of the pretty, pretty flowers... (licks paw, while waiting)

Keep up, we're going throught the bit where they try to sell you stuff, but we'll hurry on through to the tea room, where these cheerful and hardworking ladies (wearing great big corsages) will serve you tea or coffee (with a snack). Darn, looks like that bus tour of seniors just left.

If you find out who made these interesting tea cosies, let me know, because if I ever get a day off, I might like an evening with them...

Oooh, look, turtles!

yeah, that mouse you are holding onto? you know, I'm a barn cat and can see it? I'll let it live so you can use it to biggify the photos...

There will be more photos every day this week on Sightlines


  1. Cute and funny!

    And beautiful. It's like the Rose Parade, only stationary. And mums.

  2. Ruth: exactly. sortof. no marching bands, sadly.

  3. That's a lot of mums! The flower bed in the old truck is a geat idea. Great shots of the tour. And your baker does some fantastic work! Do they taste as good as they look?

  4. What a cool place! Thanks for the pics.

  5. Fun show and great commentary. Love the cat snark.

  6. Oliag: the cow really is great - right down to the milking machine!

    Lew: I like how the entrance to the greenhouse is always decorated as well as inside.
    (and the cakes aren't mine)

    Geewits: this is a hugely popular event, I look forward to it every year.

    Robin: that cat is part of the show apparently, she is a real barn cat and looks like she has a bit of 'tude.

    Nora: a bit of overkill? there were so many different varieties of mums, some that don't even look like mums, that I don't make that association. lilies and gladioli, however, definitely funereal.

  7. Enjoyed the tour - a splendid leader!

    Fantastic flowers! I love Mums, would have liked to have seen it, especially the cow! I like spikey ones, but not the drooping ones, and I love dark red mums - the big round sofrt.

  8. Gilly: you know, I was thinking of you as I walked through here...I was quite intrigued by the big droopy ones, I have two pots of a russet colour on my balcony.

  9. hehehehe! I love it when kitties narrate stories...they do a much better job than us humans, IMO!

    Love the way the mums seem to be flowing off the truck bed. And those drippy mums are gorgeous!

    Sounds like my kind of show!

  10. Well I did enjoy stopping for a cuppa even though you tried to hurry me on, but the images are fantastic. What a lot of trouble some people go to.

    CJ xx

  11. What a colorful set of flower pictures, I wished I had such a cow in my garden, looks so pretty.
    BTW if you are a cat who loves to write come to my cat blog
    Once a week Bloggers write about their cats. The group is called Cats on Tuesday, no special rules.

  12. Susan: This is a great show - if my neighbour wants to go, I might be tempted to take her and see it again, when more of the flowers have opened.

    Crystal: oh, Missy I noticed, just wanders off and does her own thing if you don't keep up! It is a lot of passionate trouble, I think.

    Gattina: and this cow would smell prettier (even though mums don't smell). unfortunately, my cat Abby prefers to sleep and says she refuses to do anything blogworthy.

  13. Very impressive compositions.

  14. very entertaining post, very colourful flowers...

  15. very entertaining post, very colourful flowers...

  16. What a fun tour! Thanks for letting us tag along!

  17. Wonderful flowers and I enjoyed your cat story. I am particularly fond of cats but we don't have any at present.

  18. Juliet and Betty: glad you came along and had fun!

    Berni: I imagine a cat would complicate things for your annual Mexico trip.

  19. Lovely Mums.Had one named after me when I was a kid, by my Uncle a Mum breeder.Unique experience!!

  20. Goosebreeder: what an honour! hope it was an exceptionally gorgeous mum.


    my school cat must have gone on a tour to Canada, he has lost a few pounds too. LOL


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