Thursday, October 15, 2009

a view to remember

It was cold and almost rainy and the colours still not spectacular, but we wandered down by the Niagara River while waiting for the theatre to open for our play.
There weren't many other people out enjoying this blustery day and we were rather quiet
when suddenly, in the trees
a rustling
and then this
I was so excited, I could barely hold the camera steady.
And believe you me there is a rather huge drop into the gorge that I was not anxious to experience...
that hawk would likely come after me

I think I am ready to upgrade to a camera with a better zoom.


  1. Great post! It's so exciting when something spontaneous happens -and you just happen to have a camera!
    Thanks for visiting my blog as well.

  2. Susan: I know, I wish I'd seen him in the trees, though - he was right in front of me!

    Sunny: I didn't even know I had caught him until I uploaded the photos.

    Meggie: thanks, I'm glad he soared back towards us for a second...

  3. Great sunset photo! Whenever I take a sunset photo I get the power lines in for free. And the sunrise takes place on the other side of a hill, So I never see a dawn sky. Of course, I am mostly asleep anyway.

  4. Nice capture! It is surprising how close they can be and still remain hidden until they take flight. I'm glad you enjoyed my posts on Rose Hill.

  5. It's supposed to be a very good omen to have a hawk come that close to you. Wonderful things will befall you now! And yes, excellent capture.

  6. Persiflage: good to see you here and thanks for scrolling through my photos

    Lew: I'm sure if he hadn't been so big, he would have silently flown away

    XUP: really? I await in breathless anticipation for these wonderful things to befall me...

  7. Oh, fan-tastic!!!! What luck! And yes it's time to upgrade, sounds like a great Christmas gift to yourself! But what a great job you did with your point & shoot!

  8. Great capture, even without a really good zoom.

  9. Neat picture. We were driving home last night and saw a great white owl would have been nice if we had a camera that took pictures in the dark, we rarely see those.

  10. Susan: though, I already bought myself that walking stick... (and one of those glass fish, I didn't tell you about - shhh)

    Robin: I've been really happy with this camera, but last week I also tried to get some hawks and failed miserably

    Berni: that is exciting, and to see one in the dark!

  11. Oh, there can never be too many gifts to yourself! Before I had grandchildren, my policy used to be one for the person on my list, two for me, one for them, two for me. I thought it was quite selfless, really, because I bought myself so many things that nobody else had to buy a thing!

  12. Susan: an a great way to get exactly what you want. I like your way og thinking!

  13. I love hawks. But I think they virtually never come after humans.

  14. SAW: no, I've never heard of anyone being attacked by a hawk. then again, he wouldn't have saved me from falling further, either.

  15. I love the first photo, with its thick and colorful foliage!

    Enjoy your weekend!


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