Thursday, December 17, 2009

tis the time for giving...

Before I get too smug about having bought all my Christmas gifts before the end of summer, it should be noted that I will still likely be wrapping the gifts on Christmas Eve. Or, as has been known to happen, in the car, on the way to giftee's place.

But really, I wasn't shopping. All those presents were from craft and art shows, where there appeared in the sky above, an angel with a banner bearing someone's name in one hand and an arrow pointing, when I came across certain beautiful and perfects gift items. The message could not be ignored.

So I now find myself with some dismay, searching high and low for at least one of the gifts. And suddenly remembering that I had already bought a book for someone... somewhere.

Then, finding a couple of lovely whirly wind catcher things bought way back last March at the garden show that I had completely forgotten about. Completely. One of them was for me. I went all summer without enjoying my own present of a whirly wind catcher thing.

There was an herb planter from the same show, stored under the bed...

I now have extra gifts for next year. I'm way ahead.

But I'm not gloating.

Nothing is wrapped. Anything could happen in the next week.


  1. LOL!! I've done that before - bought gifts way early and "lost" them. I usually find these things in March, which gives me plenty of time to lose them again. Or if I get really lucky, I find them in time for a birthday.

  2. If we buy our Christmas presents by the end of summer, we're either giving incredibly late gifts.... or we're a year ahead!

  3. Geewits: my mother was a master at the 'lost' presents. i must have inherited that gene from her.

    Froggie: how do you reconcile a Santa wearing that heavy winter suit in your summer heat?

  4. I hate losing gifts!! Everytime I buy early I tend to misplace the items. Every time!!! LOL!!!
    Have fun wrapping...mine is almost done!
    Hugs and Merry Christmas

  5. I have a Xmas box in the bottom of my wardrobe and the only problem with it is my tendency to forget what I bought for whom! Next year I'll label them as I drop them in....(which is pretty much what I said I'd do LAST year!!)

  6. You are making me smile! I guess losing presents is a common experience. Hahaha! Good luck with the wrapping. I know I'm procrastinating. :)

  7. I can't shop too early for a couple of reasons. The primary one being than I inevitably forget about the gifts and then stumble upon them sometime around March when cleaning. :)

    I pushed myself through way too much gift wrapping this week. Next year, I will get more gift bags.

  8. People are always apoligizing at the craft fairs when they come up to our booth and say they are buying this little something just for themselves... We always re-assure them that it is perfectly fine.. haha

  9. Gosh The Sag, wish I had room in the bottom of my wardrobe!! I've had a few surprises this year out of the bottom of my filing cabinet, not a big space but enough for a couple of mugs and a few other odds and ends which seemed a good idea at the time.
    Been lucky this year,two lovely, talented artists joined our barter group.Happy Christmas all!

  10. SueAnn: you'd think we'd be more careful with our "money", wouldn't you?!

    Sag: I'm going to try that - labelling is a good idea, byu next year, I'll have forgotten.

    Stine: I actually just bought wrapping paper - lately, I've been stuffing them into bags.

  11. Umm, that problem of losing gifts sounds familiar:)
    Then, today I discovered that I might have all my gifts, but they all need to be wrapped before next Wed. AND pack for at least a week...I better start.

  12. Amy: I don't usually forget, which is why this has really thrown me. though I do lose things a lot.
    gift bags are wonderfully easy.

    Gwen: I never apologize to the artists for buying things for myself. I'm sure they are pleased I like their wares so much that I won't be able to part with it.

    Elizabeth: my gifts are usually quite small, so a LABELLED box that is accessible is a good idea. of course, I tried that with the Christmas cards I bought last year on sale... no idea where they are, looked in every box...

  13. Jeannette: it is surprising how Christmas suddenly comes so fast once December gets here! I think it is because we think of it as being at the end of the month, then realize it is actually a week before the end of the month!

  14. Wow! Your comment to Jeannette was brilliant. And now it seems so obvious. Doh!

  15. Yeah, you're not allowed to gloat until a) you find where you stashed the gifts b) you've wrapped them and c) you've done my christmas shopping for me.

  16. Geewits: that week between Christmas and New Years is like a no mans land, which makes Dec feel like it's only 3 weeks long, which comes as a shock every year.

    Jazz: I seem to have extras - what do you need?

  17. I have lost gifts bought ahead many times. It's tragic. But this year, I'm done - all but one thing (which is still in transit) wrapped even.

  18. SAW: I have a favourite store that always wraps up your purchases so nicely. I love that.

  19. I had the experience of losing presents too, so in the last years I by gift in the last minute.
    Labeling is a good idea, if you don't forget where you've put them.
    Have fun wrapping.
    Happy Holidays!

  20. Maia: thanks for popping over here! I usually buy things last minute, which is why this is most annoying.

  21. hahaha, this happens to me too. I can so relate!


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