Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday AMuse

It is a holiday in these parts today.
Drink responsibly.


  1. Wow, when I tried to click through your name from the comment you left on my blog, Violet Sky took me to a add for blogspot. I googled Violet Sky and finally got your site.

    Loved the tang ad and enjoyed touring the old buildings with ads. Interesting finds here today!

  2. The fact that I am a follower had disappeared.

    Holiday...what a wonderful word.

  3. No fair. I want to be off today too.

    And the very thought of Tang makes my blood run cold...

  4. They actually served Tang (or something very similar to it) at the breakfast buffet of one of the 5-star hotels at which we stayed in Egypt! I first had to explain the whole Tang-astronaut-1960s thing to DD, then she was appalled at how "prefab" and "chemical" it tasted. Oh, those young people these days ...

  5. Haven't had Tang since I was a young kid. For a reason - it's revolting stuff.

    What holiday?

  6. SAW: it is a Civic Holiday, known as Simcoe Day in Ontario (after the first Lieutenant General of Upper Canada) but not all provinces celebrate it
    (like Jazz in Qc, poor thing)

    Pinklea: isn't it a bit eerie/scary to go into a time warp place where whole societies are still using products we thought were long defunct?

    Scott: I remember drinking Tang, but don't remember liking it particularly.

    Gail: I wondered where some of my followeers had gone. every now and then it drops a number and I fear I have bored somebody.

    Jan: I'm glad you persevered!

  7. My mom used to buy Tang all the time. I thought it was what orange juice was supposed to taste like! Boy, was I in for a great eye-opening surprise!

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  9. "Drink responsibly"...good one!

  10. I don't alcohol. But sometimes I really feel like doing!

    CJ xx

  11. You know, I used to drink Tang as a hot drink! Funny you should post about it here as I was thinking about that the other day when my kids were making themselves orange drinks...

  12. Susan: and you never looked back!

    XUP: ;)

    Crystal: Tang would need some alcohol, I think...

    Saj: I would never have thought of drinking it hot

  13. I remember Tang. It's the stuff the astronauts drank. Full of artificial flavor and coloring. Yum!

  14. This looks like a very cool vintage ad! I don't drink Tang for a long time... :-)

  15. Nora: yeah, they tried to make you feel special for drinking it.

    JM: it has been so long I almost forgot about it, until I found this vintage ad!


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