Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday AMuse

I may be away for the weekend, but I am still thinking of you. And for your entertainment, I present Florence Foster Jenkins singing Mozart.
With pop up commentary.


  1. She drew huge crowds. I suppose people really couldn't believe that she could be so bad.

  2. I am with the cats!!! Yikes!!

  3. I've heard OF her but never actually sat through a performance. My ears feel like they've been sand-papered. The cats are hilarious and kept me going, but I think my husband may need therapy now...

  4. What an experience. I can't believe how bad she was. Did people come to see her for the obvious amusement she was?

  5. jabblog: since she pre-dated television, one must have actually gone to her 'concerts' to see for themselves!

    SueAnn: I only stayed for the cats...

    beastie: you husband will never complain about singing again! (if he ever did before)

    Nora: I imagine they went to see her for the same reason people watch things like American Idol and its ilk.

    LGS: yes she was. and she did not care.

  6. Such a beautiful aria, such a great opera, such a massacre. This is downright blasphemy. But the cats were cool. As all cats are. Without them it would have been pure torture. And I have to say, I laughed quite a lot.

  7. Yes, the cats kept me going! Hideous noise.
    Enjoy your time away.

  8. I went to read about her on Wikipedia after you posted this and it was a fascinating story. Thanks!

  9. My God! I could only take about 30 seconds of it! But it did make me feel better about my own singing.

  10. Meggie: I did, and I'm away this coming weekend again - belated summer hols!

    Geewits: she was definitely 'her own woman'!

    SAW: I will admit to turning the sound way down the first time!

  11. Fascinating woman. There's hope for my singing yet!


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