Wednesday, March 16, 2011

something soft

I know people who think that sleep is a big interruption in their day. That staying in bed is a waste of time. I am not one of them. I love sleeping. I will take any excuse to have a lie down. This is why I do not have a tv in my bedroom.

At some point, while spending a lot of time in bed these last few weeks, I finally had to admit that I desperately need a new mattress. I knew this before, but somehow have always been able to ignore it. This mattress has had a good long life and served me well over the past 20 years, but its time is over. I'm sure it has been at least two years since I last flipped it but I don't think that made much difference.

So, yesterday, while out running some errands, I decided if I went to one particular grocery store, I could also check out IKEA and Sears and Sleep Country and get a feel for a new replacement. In I went and explained what I wanted to the friendly, but not aggressive, salesman. He leads me over to the first bed and I give it a try. It is so much higher than my bed, but it is also oh so soft. I notice that sitting on the edge, it digs into the back of my knees. Yes, the friendly, but not aggressive, salesman agrees, the edges are not the best quality.

We wander over to try out another option as I glance surreptitiously at the prices listed at the foot of each mattress we pass and suppress a gulp. I have not actually had to ever buy a bed before. I took my old one from home when I moved out and it was replaced by a futon, then a bed that I stored for my SIL, then another futon which was traded for the one I have now with friends who had acquired a bed with the house they bought. I tell you, flipping those futons was no easy chore.

Bed number two was white with black piping around the edges and medium sized black flowers decorating the top and sides. I wondered how much that would show through the white and cream sheets I have. But it was soft, yet firm, and the edges didn't dig into the back of my knees when sitting on it. And it was on sale. Off he leads me to try one more option, which was even more pillowy softer than the other two. I was beginning to feel like Goldilocks. Bed number three was very soft and bouncy. I liked the bouncy. He leaves me for a moment to 'test drive' and I practice tossing and turning and laying in different positions. The softest, bounciest bed is indeed too soft and I figured I would wake up with a back ache more often than not.

Bed number two it is. I decide quickly that IKEA is not a viable option (besides, it is March Break and the place is packed) and I don't particularly like Sears. Besides I hold much more trust in a store that specializes. And this bed is half price, can be delivered for free with the old mattress taken away to be donated. In less than 20 minutes, I was out of the store with a date set for delivery.

I wandered across the parking lot to the grocery store and picked up what I needed, then decided I craved something sweet and crunchy, yet soft. Maybe chocolatey. I think I spent more time in the cookie aisle trying to decide which ones to buy.


  1. When you find "the one", there's no point in searching high and low for another "the one". Good for you!

    Now you'll just have to get sick again to test drive it in the comfort of home.

    - Jazz

  2. no thanks, I'll just read in bed instead! 7 more sleeps to wait.

  3. It must be wonderful to test drive a new mattress. I have never done it. I have always had second hand ones that were adequate but not great. The mattress I have now is firm but I have gotten used to it and my back seems to like it. I never wake up with a backache. Good luck with your new one. I hope it works out well.

  4. I'm a fan of sleeping, too. No TV in my bedroom, either. Good mattress, super soft high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, a down comforter. Heaven!

  5. What a woman of decision you are. Well done, and sleep well. And sweet dreams, too.

  6. Congratulations on such a decisive outcome. Mrs RJR and I invested in a Memory foam topper for our mattress and what a difference that made to our orthopaedic mattress (for orthopaedic read concrete slab)


  7. Nora: the best part is that these new ones are made to be turned but NOT flipped! and I love the pillow top.

    SAW: yes, once I tried the really good Egyptian high thread count I never went back to cheap cotton sheets again.

    Persiflage: I am only a woman of decision for the big ticket items. (for anything like snack food or clothes, I can dither for days)

    RJR: I have slept on an orthopaedic bed and yes, it was most uncomfortable. I'll let you know how this one feels after a week.

  8. I was once told by a salesperson that a good mattress will actually last longer than is good for you, because as we age (gulp!) our bodies change and a mattress that was once comfortable gradually causes major aches and pains. Made sense to me! Hope you enjoy your new mattress - and if your body doesn't adjust to it after a couple of weeks, trade it in for a different one. Your back will thank you!

  9. THe perfect mattress makes all the difference in the world. I'm a big napper too and hope you enjoy your new bed!
    Cheers, jj

  10. 20 years with an already used mattress? (shudder, shudder, shudder) I am glad you are getting a nice new mattress, but please do not use it for 20 years. 7 is plenty. dust mites!!!

  11. We bought a new mattress set for our son and DIL for Christmas. They had been sleeping on a mattress that we had bought in 1990! It was awful and son's back hurt every day. And we upgraded them to a king size...figured might as well, while we were at it. Now the whole family sleeps in there! I'd be kickin' those young'uns back into their own beds, if it were me!

    You will love having your new sleeping digs. Slumber on, sister!

  12. You'll be so glad you purchased a new mattress. It feel so GREAT! :)


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