Sunday, March 20, 2011


It is spring, it is spring! I almost wanted to skip my way down the street, but I refrained. Afterall, the sun wasn't exactly shining from a blue sky, so it was not a perfect spring day. But it was in the mid teens temperature-wise. And warm enough to drink your drinks outside on a patio. [16C = 61F]

I actually started this post two days ago when it wasn't even officially spring, but now it is and it is getting colder with flurries in the forecast. Such is March.

March can be a cruel month. It can venture back and forth from winter to spring to winter to almost summer. It is mostly dreary and bland and grey with not much in the way of colour, like say a brilliant blue sky with puffy white clouds, or green, green grass. Or even bright yellow daffodils. All that is still to come.

And if you head out to one of the many garden shows that pop up at this time of year, you can certainly dream of spring. (and, if are fortunate enough to have a garden, you can plot and plan...)

So off I went to the Canada Blooms. Many others are called '- Home and Garden' and that would certainly fit for this, the biggest garden show in the country. A teeny part of me has been disappointed over the last couple of years of its 15 year run as it moves more and more into the 'home' than the 'garden'. The marketplace is certainly half the floor space and many of the gardens are corporate sponsored by landscaping and patio stone companies and feature far too much of the outdoor living space rather than an beautifully landscaped flowers and trees. But there were certainly no shortage of benches and loungers and cushioned chairs to sit in. And the sight of all those hundreds of tulips, azaleas, daffodils, the sweet scent of the hyacinths and the endless greenery is so cheering and delightful.

There were floral displays from local flower shops that looked more like art installations and table settings that were so perfect they would look messy once the food was served. The Ikebana is always wonderful to see and I rather like the miniature displays. The mosaic competition was interesting, all seeds and petals and twigs and leaves. But the most fun spot was the natural playground. The little kids had a ball playing in the massive sand pit or climbing the rocks and trees and playing on the all natural jungle gym. There were projects for them to identify leaves and to make seed balls.

The only thing missing were the songbirds. But, yesterday I saw at least four robins and am hearing more singing and happy chirping in the mornings.
Happy Spring, everyone!


  1. I haven't been to a home and garden show in ages. I'm sure you had lots of fun. You do always undertake interesting projects. I like the flower arrangement, but I would probably kill it in a day. I do not have a green thumb, unless I live in the subtropics where everything grows naturally.

  2. I hope you have a great spring with great health! Any news regarding your possible NY trip?

  3. Oh wow!! A Home and Garden has been awhile since I have been to one too!! What fun! And to see all that beauty in one fell swoop...ahhh...bliss!!
    Great photos!!

  4. Springtime... and they're forecasting 10-15 cm of snow today in Montreal. Here's hoping they're mistaken, though they rarely are when it comes to bad weather.

    - Jazz

  5. Oooh, gorgeous pictures. I always say make the most of spring because we rarely get summers anymore!!

    CJ xx

  6. I like the very vivid and interesting pictures, Spring is forcing its way out of its shell, like a slow opening flower here in the UK


  7. Happy spring! Today the sun was shining and when I went to the windmills to meet one of the Canadian bloggers, we could sit outside the souvenirshop and have a cup of coffee. It was wonderful to meet Kay D. from Canada and exchange views on many topics.

  8. It just keeps getting better here. At this point we may get rain and gray, but we're past the threat of snow.

  9. Beautiful tulips! Canada Blooms looks like a great place to go!

  10. Oh I love those tulips, happy spring to you all!

  11. The best place to be in March is a home and garden show. The pictures are beautiful, so full of color!


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