Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sunday Stamps

The theme this week is stamps from the Great White North. That would include us up in Canada. One thing this meme has accomplished, for me, is a new appreciation for our own stamps. I always thought they were a little on the boring side. But then, apparently I have never really looked at them. This flag series is not my favourite, but I seem to have a few of them lying around so I will share them. Now if only there were a description on the stamp, because some of these were a bit of a mystery, I will admit, and required some research.

First up is the flag flying
against the backdrop of the
city of Edmonton skyline at dawn
in celebration of its centennial in 2003

issued January 2002, the 48 cent domestic stamp 
has the flag flying in front of the 
Canada Post Head Office in Ottawa 

issued  December 2000, the 47 cent domestic stamp shows the flag fluttering over an inukshuk                                         

 issued December 1998, the 46 cent domestic stamp depicts the flag in a the breeze against the backdrop of a Newfoundland iceberg 

then there is this series from 2006, featuring 
Polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba
The lighthouse at Bras d'Or Lake in Nova Scotia 
Tuktut Nogait National Park, Northwest Territories
Ice fields and fjord in Sirmilik National Park, Nunavut 

This was also the first year for the non-denominated stamp. The P icon stands for permanent, so although these stamps cost 51 cents when they were bought in 2006, they can be used indefinitely for whatever the current domestic rate is (which this year is 59 cents)

more stamps can be found at Viridian's Stamp Blog


  1. Those stamps are nice. I especially like the fluttering flag and the fact that it's different on each stamp. It would have been easy to use the same flag. No, I guess your stamps aren't boring at all. XOX

  2. Personally, I think the flag dominates too much, but you are right, at least it is different in each one.

  3. Do you know anything more about that Inukshuk? Where it is, or how old it is?

  4. What you guys call "permanent" is our "forever." Permanent seems a bit more reasonable. Forever implies that it will still be in existence after 4 million years. I doubt that.

  5. Laura: no other information on the archives site was given about this inukshuk, though it seems to be based on a photograph by Daryl Benson who is in Alberta.

  6. These stamps have all passed me by. It's great to see them and that you were able to tell us what's on each one. Permanent - that's an idea our post office should take up - they wouldn't be able to print enough!

  7. I love the Canadian stamps in general...never fail to surprise me with something unique and interesting :)
    I do agree with Violet Sky that the flag is really dominant on such small space, but the stamps are really nice nevertheless. The permanents are especially nice depicting such lovely images!

    permanent vs. me, permanent sounds more official, while forever involves something emotional :)

  8. Beautiful and classy stamps for sure!

  9. I like this Canadian flag series, the background images are so diverse, its like taking a trip round the country.

  10. I have never seen these stamps before - but I really like them!

  11. Those stamps are more interesting when you know what they represent. I didn't know about the P permanent stamps from Canada.

  12. I agree with Postcardy - I appreciate your added descriptions - adds to the feel of the stamps. thanks for your contribution from the great white north.

  13. Hi VioletSky - these are my favourites, flag-on-stamps! I always appreciate the description provided {as you might have seen in almost all of my posts} as I want to know more about what the stamp represents. Gives us more knowledge about the country it came from and about the world we live in in general.
    I have two entries this week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Postcards Crossing
    My Stamp Menagerie

  14. These nice stamps invite tourists, online and offline. :)

  15. I like the proudly fluttering flags because I think we in the Netherlands don't display out flag often enough. I'd like to see a little more official patriotism. We do display the queen a lot though.

  16. We have 'forever' stamps here in the USA too... I like the first stamp with the city skyline...

  17. I like the flag on them all, it ties them nicely together.

    France has "Timbres à Validité Permanente" TVP, and in the UK they are called NVI "no value indicated".

  18. Your stamps are very colourful. I love them.

    Apart from Christmas and special days, the stamps from the UK are all much the same most of the time.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  19. Well, seeing them side by side I see they are a bit different from each other. Truth be told, I never noticed!


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