Thursday, April 19, 2012

morning is calling

The birds are practicing their glee club songs. Each morning, I think new ones join in and I am sure there is a song I have never heard before. Or maybe his voice is just outshining the others this morning. Even though I was trying to sleep it is a pleasant sound. Much more agreeable than the annoying geese who like to hang out by our creek and take to the rooftop of the building behind every morning to make loud, raucous pronouncements to the world at large. I thought I had a picture of them somewhere... but I am sure you can imagine what they look like.

There are a group of chickadees who live in our awning - about 6 of them - who also make a racket, but it is actually kind of nice to be greeted every time you go through the door. And at least they don't dive bomb you; they just sit there and create a stereo effect of chirping.

On a sad note, some of you may remember the lone Canada goose who stops by every spring, all on its own since the demise of its mate several years ago. I wrote about him - who I named Chris, because I don't actually know if it is a him or a her - here and here. Chris has not shown up this year. I have been keeping alert as I round the corner every night in anticipation of seeing him, sitting in the middle of the road or the parking lot in his usual haunts. But nothing. No sign. Only those other two mates of his (the ones who are at the moment on top of the roof honking). This is very disappointing. Has s/he met with misfortune? Or maybe found another true love? I am hoping it is the latter.


  1. We shall hope for the latter.

    Enjoy the music.

  2. Maybe retirement AND a new mate?

    I love the image of a bird glee club. Who directs? Here in New England, often the wake up call is clattering starlings. One of my friends describes it as a bunch of non-descript birds, stomping their feet because they are jealous of song birds, shouting, tunelessly, "CHEEPITY CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP"

  3. Nothing like starting your day off with birdsong.....they are all coming back....robins, finches, cardinal never left, jays, sparrows of course, starlings, chickadees never left....overhead the hawks and turkey vultures are wheeling.....I haven't seen the heron go over yet but then, I'm not out on the deck yet. Hope your lone goose is all right.

  4. I hope he found another too!!! Nothing can beat the sounds of the birds in the springtime.
    Love it

  5. It's nice to hear that you are greeted by bird song in the morning too. It's the best noise to wake up to. Too bad about the lone goose. Let's hope for the best and assume he/she found a mate. We must believe in happy endings.


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