Sunday, May 12, 2013

toys of old

This week's challenge was to find a stamp that had something 
to do with children's toys or games.
These are Christmas stamps from 1970, 
but Christmas is a good time to find toys.
We have an antique toy locomotive, toy wheeled horse, 
mechanical tricycle toy, and a doll carriage toy.

I like the look of these older toys.
So many of them seem to be realistic miniature versions of what an adult would use and are not as bulky as the plastic Fisher-Price versions. 
They could easily sit in a living room and not look childish. Then again, they are probably covered in lead paint and have other hazards.


  1. Great choice. I thought abot some Christmas stamps too but they were not as good as these.

  2. I think those vintage horses on wheels must have been a fantastic toy, but any of those shown would have been great to play with.

  3. Also that little person telling us "use the ZIP code" seems a toy!

  4. I think they are vastly better in every way than the plastic modern day efforts.

  5. These are lovely, and I would have loved to have a doll carriage like that.
    Thank you for joining in!

  6. The bicycle looks fun, it seems to have a bell on the back. These are charming stamps of past childhood pleasures.

  7. The scary part is that some of the stuff I used to play with is now classed as 'toys of old'...yikes!


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