Friday, April 25, 2014

maps and animals

I don't have nearly enough postcards from Australia but was thrilled to get a second map postcard earlier this month to go with the one I got last December.

this card's arrival means a little shuffling is in order as my album of maps and large letter cards is now full

and some more iconic images

I spent a long six months backpacking around (a tiny portion of) AU and NZ and for years thought of little else but going back. It was a bit of a shock to realize (due to someone's significant birthday next month) that that trip was 25 years ago. 
For sure, if/when I do make it back, it won't be with a backpack.


  1. Do you collect postcards? Let me know and I'll add you to my recipients!!

  2. great idea for all the postcards we have carelessly tossed in a drawer.

    1. those old photo albums are perfect for some sized cards :)

  3. That postcard of Australia with all those countries super imposed on it really does make you realize how big it is. I always have tried to get an idea of that. I hope you make it back again there soon.

  4. Love that first postcard - really had to look carefully at it!

  5. Oh, Wow! I LOVE these postcards!!! lol You just made my day. (grin) ((hugs)) Thank you for posting. We all do SO appreciate you!

    Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

  6. that first postcard is most unique and it really does help to put the size of the country in perspective.


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