Monday, May 11, 2015

sakura in the sunshine

Our city of Burlington is twinned with the city of Itabashi in Japan.
And this is what they gifted us in 1997. This limestone kanto walkway takes us through 40 cherry trees, a type of sakura known as Somei Yoshino.

It is neat how the new growth of blossoms starts directly from the trunk
The walkway is very popular in this park on the waterfront and there are always people around taking pictures (though I was out before 7am taking these pictures, when it was a bit quieter!)
there are benches (in memory of Leslie Mahaffy) for quiet contemplation 
and views out over the water to the pier 
where sometimes there is a ship waiting to go through the canal lift bridge
and if we go over to the pier we can get the full view of the cherry blossoms
these pictures were taken as soon as the sun came up one morning last week for Restless Jo's Monday Walk


  1. Replies
    1. It is quite a sight - an you can see them from the road, with enough time to find a parking spot :)

  2. A very beautiful part of your city.

  3. Replies
    1. It's the kind of thing that gets everyone talking to one another.

  4. I do like a bit of dedication :) (getting up early) and what a wonderful gift! Great swathes of blossom! I love it :) And that's a nice-looking bridge too. Many thanks for sharing, Violet.

    1. When the conditions are just right you have to take advantage, no matter the time! The blossoms peaked last week when I took these and today it is so foggy you wouldn't be able to see a thing!

  5. You have got a good opportunity. Bridge looks wonderful!

  6. Cherry trees in full bloom are stunning.


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