Saturday, July 19, 2008

New 7 Wonders/Nature vote #6 of 7

Enough of North America. There is still Europe and South America to explore. And ... dare I suggest Central America. And Antarctica. Although, its only nominee, the Ross Ice Shelf technically belongs to New Zealand. But I'm not one to let technicalities get in my way of a good round the world journey. I had planned on visiting and choosing one place from each continent, with one wild card (which was always going to be #5). The rules of the N7W Foundation are that only one site per country can win. I make my own arbitrary rules for choosing my votes. My next choice is listed in Asia but ... it is in the European Union. So I've stuck it in my Europe entry.

In Turkey, Pamukkale is considered the eighth wonder of the world (another one!). So it is a wonder that the government has botched up this amazing tourist destination. Access is much more limited than it was before it became a World Heritage Site, but at least it has been preserved. I would still make the effort to get there.

Deriving from springs in a cliff almost 200 m high overlooking the plain, calcite-laden waters have created at Pamukkale (Cotton Palace) an unreal landscape, made up of mineral forests, petrified waterfalls and a series of terraced basins. At the end of the 2nd century B.C. the dynasty of the Attalids, the kings of Pergamon, established the thermal spa of Hierapolis. The ruins of the baths, temples and other Greek monuments can be seen at the site.

Pamukkale, Springs
TURKEY The hot springs at Pamukkale, meaning "cotton castle" in Turkish, are in south-western Turkey. It is some 2,700 meters long and 160 meters high and can be seen from a great distance. Every second, 250 liters of hot water rises from the spring. The water contains large amounts of hydrogen carbonate and calcium, which merge to form calcium bi-carbonate. This natural phenomenon leaves thick white layers of limestone and travertine cascading down the mountain slope, which resemble a frozen waterfall.

Current rank: 121

For a 6 minute video of the area and more photos check out For a slideshow of photos see this link below


  1. I would love to see The Slide Show, but I have a problem with Adobe Flash Player...I have tried to Dowbload it 14 times!!! And it tells me it has Installed...BUT, it hasn't...SO...I am unable to see anything opn YouTube and many other places. I have to get my tech guy out here.....UGH!

    My sister visted this unbeluevable place, many many years ago...I remember her talking about it and being pretty awe struck by the whole experience!


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