Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a not so busy day

Later today I have a mani pedi planned.
Nothing else, just that.

Oh, and maybe a coffee.

Am quite looking forward to it.

Am not sure how I'd handle this kind of treatment.

Looks kinda ticklish.

And a bit creepy.

Am wondering: do you tip the fish?


  1. Oh ya – I’ve heard of this treatment – the critters eat all the dead skin off your feet and leave them smooth and soft. Well, I’d best stop and let you get on with your trying day. Buck up! You can get through it.

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  3. Hate typos. Meant to say
    Ewww! Think I'm gonna pass on that one!

  4. Citizen: Glad you changed that, when I first read it on my email alert I had the misplaced vowel misplaced somewhere else. It was funnier, but gross at the same time!

    XUP, Whew, I made it through. Had to linger at salon with an herbal tea waiting out the rain storm, but I'm okay now.

    Jazz: The pedicurist at the salon thought it a great idea. She had a razer blade in her hand at the time, so I just kept my eyes on my magazine and said nothing more.

  5. That is a stunning image! My cousin has a pond full of little fish that try to eat the hairs of arms or legs. Freaky feeling!

  6. Eeeww. But oh, a mani and pedi, sounds heavenly, something I rarely get. Only when I visit my daughter in NYC where they are cheap cheap cheap.

  7. Robin: Individually?

    Ruth: Talk to the cousin - there may be a new venture there waiting?

    Don: Stunning is one description!

  8. heheh. Is this for real (the fish, that is??)
    Good for you, taking a day for yourself.

  9. What a coincidence, I was talking to my friend about this treatment yesterday! I remember seeing a program about a place in Turkey (where it originated) where you can get treatment for skin problems. They are apparently very good. I can just imagine how they must feel.

    Pedicure... mmm... now that sound very interesting, maybe I'll treat myself to one this weekend. Hope you feel better.

  10. Eieeeeee! I think I'll just bite mine for now!!

  11. I'll just have the coffee but don't touch my feet.


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