Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday AMuse

Most of us will have to go through that bi-annual ritual of the time change. For us in North America (except Saskatchewan) our clocks were moved forward this weekend.

So, here are some ideas if you need help waking up in the morning.

This pillow uses a 'LED fabric substrate' below the surface to wake you up using light.

although this guy looks like he has a bit of insommnia, or is dead.
It also functions as a clock...

See how it turns you into a cartoon figure?

Or you may want a scented clock...
this little porker wakes you up with the smell of bacon

You might want to keep the dogs in another room.

or my new favourite this Verbarious Clock
which spells out the time. click on the link and you will see how it works,
the demo clock will set itself to your time

I do wonder why it takes so many words to say "midnight" in Russian?


  1. Hi-larious!!! I love the bacon one...good lord, that would drive me insane, not to mention the dog and all four cats!

    I'm not surprised that the Russian took so many words to say one word...have you ever heard them speak it? Gobbledygook, I tell ya!

  2. No, I do not want any of those gadgets. Just my clock radio playing classical music. The ingenuity of marketing people can be very startling.

  3. The bacon cracked me up too! But I think turning into a cartoon character is fascinating. How did they do that? HA!!! JK!!

  4. I think the Russian one actually says, "After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang out."

  5. I woke up to the odd toot-ta toot-ta sound of a Parisian ambulance this morning. It was 10 o clock. I could get used to this. I hope you get to come soon. I was thinking of you all would have an architectural swoon

  6. I want an alarm clock that wakes me up with louis Armstrong. Do you know where I can find that?

  7. Susan: I used to have a coffee maker with a timer... that usually got me moving in the morning!

    Persiflage: you are lucky - some of us need more of a nudge to wake up.

    SueAnn: yeah, I can't quite figure out why they did that.

    Geewits: thanks for the translation, now it makes sense.

    XUP: even a foreign ambulance or police siren can sound so exotic when on holiday. we will make long range plans soon!

    Nora: now, Nora, do you mean the man or his music?? either way, no I don't, but it sounds good.

  8. lol......I quite like the idea of the bacon one! That'd be great for the weekends!

    The only one I don't think I'd like is the gradual LED light letting me know it's morning. I hate when it starts getting light earlier. I'm a right little hibernater me! Now it's spring I'll thinking of blackout curtains again..!

    If only I could keep them damn happy birds quiet a.m. too!

  9. Lena: the morning birds haven't really started singing here. They do always wake up so cheerful, don't they?

  10. Funny witty inventions! I wonder if people buy them? For me it would be birds chattering to put me in a cheerful mood to start the day:)

  11. Jeannette: I doubt it. I bet they are made simply to prove it can be done.
    I only really enjoy the birds chattering when I am already awake...

  12. I would hate having a light shining in my eyes. And the bacon would make me ill. But you know, they already make coffee pots that can be programmed to brew at a certain time - I wouldn't mind that smell waking me.

  13. The time change means only one thing for me: I sadly have to work one more hour into the night than usual. Otherwise, it doesn't bug me.

    Oh, the clock pillow is terrific, but, if I'm laying on my right side I won't see it, being blind in my right eye.

  14. I think I'll stick with my clock that goes "beep! Beep!" pillows that tell me the time, or make me into a cut out character I can leave alone!

    You can get teasmade thingies here that make a cup of tea, but I need to get up first, so might as well go downstairs and let the dog out!

    Oh, the ordinariness of life Chez Gilly!

  15. That's great - my favorite is the Porky the Pig clock!

  16. SAW: as much as I love the smell of bacon, I'm not sure I want to eat it first thing in the morning. Coffee is a far better choice.

    Mr Nighttime: so I'll strike that LED one off the list. Don't worry - in six months...

    Gilly: I do need that snooze button on any clock I have.

  17. Scott: sorry, missed you. I bet Orlando would like that Porky Pig clock, too!


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