Tuesday, June 22, 2010

expect major delays

I had a reason to be in Toronto today. Downtown, though not exactly near the 'perimeter'. Still, I wanted to see it for myself. I wanted to see just how my tax dollars were looking.

They were looking rather oppressive, to say the least. Very forbidding. Which I guess was the point. Except that, as we all know by now, many of the 'forbidden' are residents, workers. Tourists. Baby trees.

It also looked ugly. So very ugly. Which wasn't the point. What a way to showcase the city to the world. Thanks, Steve.

I so desperately wanted to take a picture or two, but after seeing at least one poor sod being intimidated into having to delete his photos from his camera and having to show my ID when I pulled out my camera, I decided I didn't need my own pictures. Though, technically, the police can't force you to delete your photos. There is even a flickr account of the CBC I have now found where you can upload your G20 photos.

If you are not aware of the insanity around this G20 security enforcement you can read up on it at this frequently updated Globe and Mail site.

Once you are familiar with the insanity of this billion dollar shut down of Toronto there is a satirical twitter account if you are interested. Apparently, even the police find it amusing.

This would be so endlessly amusing, if it weren't costing a billion dollars.


  1. All that money and does it really make a difference in the world to have these conferences.

  2. Really craziness, especially when it costs so much money....makes me go hmmmmm.... take care.

  3. I mean seriously!! Really?? All that??? Ridiculous!

  4. Boy! I need to start watching the news, 'cause I'm really out of the loop. I had no idea this was going on. Glad I don't live in or near Toronto right now. Picture police, eh? Just doin' my job, ma'am.

  5. Ladies and gentlemen, your tax dollars at work. Imagine how far that billion would go it it was used for the arts and social programs.

  6. ... and I thought we'd already wasted all our tax dollars on the Olympics in Vancouver!

  7. Berni: sadly, they don't seem to be very effective, do they?

    Cinner: it would have been so much easier if they had put the summit at the exhibition grounds, where it could easily have been closed off, thus costing millions less dollars and impacting thousands less inhabitants.

  8. SueAnn: yes, seriously. we have a seriously egotistical PM.

    Susan: really, I don't feel impacted at all - but if you live or work in TO, or wanted to see a play or Blue Jays game... so many things had to close up because of this.

    what? you did not know about this? really? get back inside and watch the news!

  9. Jazz: but how would Steve impress his guests and look worldly by spending it on us?

    Pinklea: apparently what Steve wants, Steve will tax us for

  10. Wonder who came up with that brilliant idea!

  11. Joanna: the G8 is being held in a small town about 2 hours north, at a secluded resort. for some reason the police thought that they couldn't handle the extra 12 for the G20 so it got moved to the busiest section of the largest city in the country. these meetings should never be held in large urban centres (IMHO)

  12. Why is viedo-conferencing not used more? These huge expensive gatherings are just 'jollies' for the great and the good and their hangers-on.

  13. Jabblog: I think the face to face contact is necessary. It is good to actually meet each other to gain some trust and make connections. It is unfortuante that so much security is necessary - and one reason it should be in a more isolated area.
    The G8 summit has very few protesters and much less security - presumably it is too far out of the way for people to bother with them.


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