Sunday, June 27, 2010

SundayStills - history

History is the theme for this week's Sunday Stills photo challenge. "Anything over 60 years, people, place or event"

So, here we have a rather unassuming house that is credited as being the oldest house in the Halton region. It was moved around the corner from it's original spot on Dundas Street in 2000 and extensively restored. A new by-law was recently enacted to save it from demolition.

'The Cork House is a historic home converted to showroom and factory outlet for Jelinek Cork Group. Eco-friendly and renewable cork products represent the core offerings of Jelinek Cork. The Cork House presents these products in a real-world situation providing an example of how to integrate sustainability into your life'.
It is a modest homestead, but you will notice it is made of wood. Maybe it was saved at one time by one of these beauties?
She could race to your location at speeds up to 50mph.
A REO Speedwagon from 1922. It has been lovingly (yes, lovingly, I talked to the Firefighter) restored by the Volunteer Fire Department of Kilbride. I didn't take note of his name (and I bet he is over 60, too!) but he noted, a little sadly, that none of the younger crew are interested in her.

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  1. I really like the house and appreciate it's age and it's restoration. I hope a lot of it is original. I would love to see the inside and the details. We almost never appreciate what we have while we have it. Luckily, there are exceptions.

  2. That fire engine is gorgeous! And it was made in Lansing, MI! I hope its loving caretaker can convince some of his younger co-workers of the worth of such a beautiful piece of machinery and keep the tradition going.

  3. I guess there is no guessing that is old since it is "the oldest house..." Thanks for sharing.

  4. I like the symmetry of the two people in the second to last shot.

  5. I like the firetruck pictures, very red. Never heard of the Reo Motor Car Company. I grew up in Michigan.

  6. Great choices. Love the fire truck. I bet REO Speedwagon took their name from the motor company. :)

  7. I like the idea when people restore buildings and vehicles. Life is so much richer with History.

  8. I like the pic of the speed wagon with the older a Fireman. That is a great memory.

  9. So much time and effort goes into restoring things, and they always look so lovely! Makes you wonder why we let things get into delapidated states at all really...

  10. The fire truck is the perfect shade of red.
    Have a great week,

  11. I love this car! It is so beautiful.

  12. Fabulous building and car!!! Great photos!

  13. Very cool! Love the old fire engine. Welcome back..:-)

  14. It's nice to see some builders thinking long-term and sustainability

  15. How can they not be interested in that fire truck? It's beautiful.

  16. That house doesn't look old at all! And that truck is just fantastic :D

  17. Nora: there are a few more additions to the house than this original bit. and I believe much of its restoration is original, with the addition of all things cork that can be used in home construction

    Susan: his son is also into restoring old cars, so maybe he can convince them

    Tammy: even the sign looks old

    crazysheeplady: unintentional, but it works, thanks

  18. Gail: yes, but with a fair bit of help, sometimes!

    morephotosplease: and I never knew where the rock band got its name from!

    Diane: yes, they did (according to Wiki)

    Ann: I agree

    Brenda: I tried to get him in the shot without posing!

    Saj: sometimes, I guess it takes a fresh eye to see what is important. when you live with something for years it ceases to look special and maybe you even get tired of it.

    Joanna: and the gold stripe is actual gold leaf (they won't be replacing that with gold leaf again - it is far too expensive when gold coloured paint is so easy to use)

  19. Luckaa: it is a beauty, so shiny

    SueAnn: thanks

    Ed: thanks. and thanks for all your work with this

    XUP: yes. and it is now surrounded by one of those big shopping plazas, but looks good sitting at the entrance

    Kaori: I know! but then, it was a simple homestead, built way out in the country, so nothing fancy was needed, I guess.

  20. Are you telling me that in 13 years I will be considered "historic"? Yikes.

  21. SAW: maybe, to a 13 yr old, perhaps?! it is not a term I would not use to describe a person


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