Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday AMuse

Continuing our butt theme....
Who ever thought these were cute?
This is rather a disturbing trend in cake decorating.

Makes you wonder what happened to the rest of the baby?
Or why someone has this tyke half buried.

the above I chose in honour of wee Callum (the newest member of our small family)
and below is in honour of all the people (including my niece who was married last weekend) who are visiting Paris this year (it definitely seems to be the destination of choice!)

apparently the Eiffel Tower is pure sugar!
and what does black icing taste like, I wonder?

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  1. You do have some interesting cake decorating skills.
    The Paris cake is nice the tower must be so fragile it is very delicate.
    The buried baby cakes I am not sure I like!

  2. Glennis: Oh dear, I have no cake decorating skill. These pics I nabbed off the internet.

  3. I love the Eiffel tower cake...that is so cool. The butt cakes are adorable...but they are a little disturbing too! Ha!

  4. I don't think I like any of those cakes. I am so glad they are nicked pics!!

  5. Congratulations! Half a baby! ...and the troublesome end at that. know...that Eiffel tower seems particularly appropriate for presentation to newlyweds.

  6. Oh, I love babies - but I couldn't eat one ;-)

  7. OK, those cakes are just bizarre....

  8. Ya, those baby things -- and all those bizarre things they do with babies these days - are just creepy. All those photos with babies dressed as food or bugs and stuff are just wrong. They're human beings, not decor. I wonder how many people would yell if they had a cake decorated with a bare-assed woman with her head buried in the cake?

  9. These are monstrous! I'd have one only as a joke.
    What is black icing made of? Have you found out?

  10. I like the Eiffel tower one. But who wants to eat a baby butt?

  11. So what's in the diapers? That's what I want to know! Serving those cakes would definitely end the party and get the guests out of the house!

  12. I find the buried baby disturbing, I want to pull it out. At the same time it does have an edge of black humor. It doesn't leave me unmoved anyway.

  13. I assume the black icing is simply food colouring, but I don't think I could enjoy it.

    It may be chocolate fondant in the diapers? Horrors!

    I have a friend who went nuts for one of those ladybug outfits for her godchild. That child may be in therapy for years trying to figure out the shame he went through as a babe.

  14. Maybe this is too abstract or creative for my conventional taste.

  15. V, I agree with you about the baby butt cake, its not so sweet!
    But, I bet they are both delicious;)

    Congratulations on your family's celebrations.

  16. You know, it DOES make you wonder what happen to the rest of the baby! I wonder what the cake designer was thinking???


  17. Some clever people about, that's for sure. Can't make my mind up whether I like it or not. Dithering again, Kenneth.

  18. The buried baby decoration. Hmm.

  19. Disturbing on so many levels...I love!

  20. wow! did you make it?
    I want the second one!
    because my sister had a baby today.
    I wanna give my sister it!

  21. those cakes would be gone in a sec if they are for sell. :)


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