Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Stelco and her five unhatched chicks in Lansing Michigan
Madame X and her four hatched chicks in Hamilton Ontario
Three years ago, when I found myself with plenty of free time during the day, I became obsessed with watching the FalconCam and the daily progression of the falcons. Hey, it was better than watching soap operas. The computer was on all day and I just kept hitting refresh. It got exciting whenever any of them were moving about, eating, jumping on the ledge, flapping their wings, playing. I worried about this obsession until one fine day, I wandered down to the hotel to get a look for real and met several people who also kept track of their every move throughout the day. At least one person had a very understanding boss as she kept switching her computer screen back and forth so as not to miss the first flight. She found out later that he also hit refresh to bring up the site on her computer if she wasn't at her desk!

So, the excitement begins again.

Does it mean my own life is that boring?

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