Monday, May 19, 2008

a collective sigh of disappointment

If you live in these parts, it is drilled into you that you should never plant your garden before the 24th of May, Victoria Day Weekend, or more accurately, before the full moon in May - which is now. On this Victoria Day. But usually, long before then, you get those days that are warm teasers and you immediately want to be outside. You want to see those flowers out your very own windows. So you head out and wonder why those garden centres at the grocery store aren't open yet. Or why the greenhouses are almost empty. Why? when it is almost summer, you cry.

So, hands up all of you who have already started your container gardens? Your bedding plants?

Right. Put your hands back down and get those plants back inside where it is safe and warm. We are back to single digits. Snow just north of here.

This is cruel. So very cruel.


  1. Single digits??? Wow. We are dropping into the mid-30's and I thought we had it bad.

  2. Remember this is CELCIUS [centigrade as it should be called, but this is Canada with a distinct society]

    9 C = 48 F

    Sound better?


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