Sunday, May 11, 2008


Yes, I've been playing around with the templates and colours again. I didn't realize I had so many options; I thought you had to take what was offered, but no, I can mess around with as many colour combinations as I want. What fun!

This may happen a few times. Get used to it.

If you think this is annoying, try living with me. I used to rearrange the furniture and kitchen cupboards at least every three months. I still change the shower curtain to a completely different pattern and colour at least four times a year. And it is now time to change into my summer colour scheme (turquoise & green).

I'm not sure I like this one, but let me know if you really hate it.


  1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I am glad you like the quote I posted. You have a good habit. Re-arranging things and furnishings take the boredom and you don't have to spend money. Only energy and creativity.Love green and turquoise. Cool and calming colors. Love it. You should visit my old post where I posted more about colors.

  2. Ebb Tide - Thank YOU for stopping by. And yes, most of my redecorating is 40% boredom, and 60% having too much stuff and too little space! My "winter" colour scheme is purple and orange.
    I do plan to read more of your past postings.

  3. I'm good with the purple. And I'm good with you changing YOUR cupboards and furniture as often as you like. :)

  4. Em - thanks for the affirmation.
    and, as you can tell, there is at least one reason I live alone ;) But I have been known to spend a very long time finding certain things due to my rearranging, and to bumping into tables in the semi-darkness.

  5. Ha Lloyd - think deep purple, then a light purple, then some orange contast. Rather like my living room in winter!


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