Saturday, May 24, 2008

A HIGH Shout Out to Andrew Brash

Congratulations to Andrew Brash of Calgary on his successful climb to the summit of Mt Everest.
You may remember him as the climber who aborted his previous attempt in 2006 only 200 metres from the summit when he encountered fellow climber Lincoln Hall who had reached the summit but on his descent had succumbed to cerebral edema and was left for dead by the rest of his party. Andrew was hailed a hero for helping get Lincoln Hall off the mountain alive.

This time, his climb was almost aborted due to restrictions on climbers by Nepal surrounding the Olympic Torch Summit.

On his blog he announced on Friday, 23 May, "the summit was cold and windy, as was most of the climb".


  1. Three cheers for Andrew.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. hey, way cool that a Canadian did it! Especially AFTER helping a fellow climber back to safety. Way to go Andrew!


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