Thursday, September 10, 2009

where I explain a photo

It seems my filing system is perhaps the most boring on the planet. I've been tagged by Sistertex to show the fourth photo in the fourth folder of where I store my pictures. I have a haphazard system of moving photos into folders that are named such things as "blogger pics" and "violet's pics" as they are posted. I have no idea at the moment whether I thought there should be a difference in these folders, as they both seem to hold photos that have been posted to my blog. I also have a folder named "family pics". Since I rarely think to take people photos, most of these are a collection of photos that other people have taken and sent on to me. Bless them for that.
Thereafter most of my photos are listed by date uploaded. Which makes it difficult to find certain ones at times. I think about reorganizing, but am a) lazy and b) overwhelmed by the fact that I haven't deleted any unless they were truly bad. Some are not even in folders and I still have not figured out why.

I was feeling a tad worried about this tag thinking, maybe I should just randomly open my pictures and keep looking until I found a nice picture with a story attached... but, I played by the rules and it worked out nicely without any covert cheating on my part.

So, before we begin, here are the rules:
1. Open the fourth folder where you store your photos
2. Go to the fourth photo in that folder.
3. Explain the photo.
4. Tag four people to do the same.

Hmmm, so consider yourselves tagged: Geewits, Susan, Oliag, Jazz.

Now, back to me.

So, since I bought my camera to take with me on my first, and so far only, trip to New York City, my 4th folder is the first dated one in 2008 (after the three 'named' ones I mentioned above). The 4th pic is this:

And the story is (partly) this:
I went to NYC in January to meet up with an Australian friend who was stopping over on her way home from Peru. It seemed a long way around to get back to Melbourne, and it involved a few days in Portugal, where quite frankly, I would rather have gone to meet her. For some reason, New York did not hold much interest for me, especially in late January. My friend, Fiona, really wanted to go shopping on Fifth Avenue, and I really did not. I thought we'll have to go to Central Park because we were staying right there, but it being in the dead of winter, I figured a quick peek in and out would suffice.
I was so wrong. I spent more time wandering through and around that Park than anywhere else. I could not get enough of it. The bare trees only enhanced the view and reaffirmed its immense size. People were friendly and helpful in giving directions. Even though the weather was warm enough to feel like an early spring, I ever so briefly thought it might be fun to go skating. I was a little surprised to discover you had to pay for the privilege (on top of the skate rental) and since I hadn't skated in far too many years to know if I still could, I contented myself with more walking. I found some hot pretzels and sat on a rock and watched the skaters before wandering the streets of Manhattan. Alone. Because somehow I lost Fiona.
That is another story, unrelated to this particular photo.


  1. Hmmm...I'm not sure if I completely believe this wonderful photo and accompanying story just "happened" to be chosen through a completely arbitrary selection process...however, it a wonderful photo and story, so who cares.

  2. Well, XUP, it also depends which place I looked for the photos - 'My Pictures' and 'Picasa' would have been totally different.

  3. There are folders for pics? On the computer? Do they make themselves when I download pics?

    I can't help but think, in my non techie brain that Mr. Jazz is gonna have to find the picture for me.

  4. I understand you, Jazz, I had no idea either. It seems when I first uploaded them they went into dated folders by date taken, then somewhere along the way they just all went into 'my pictures' in a lump. Now they are back into being dated ones, but by date uploaded. I think you might have to make the folders first, then upload them into a choice of folders - or shift them around. Or something.

  5. You got lucky with that pic! Before I look, which computer should I use? I download and do my photoshop stuff over there and then transfer stuff over here. Do you want to pick which computer or should I just check both and go with the best pic?
    And I can't wait to hear more of this story!

  6. geewits, well, how about the "one over there". I had a problem deciding which of the three places mine are stored to go to - I opted to go back to the oldest files, because my newest ones have mostly sky shots, which doesn't have any story other than a collection for SkyWatchFriday.

  7. This is a good pic - and the story is how it sometimes goes when you travel with a friend:)

  8. I have a million ways to go through my shots and none of them work great


    great shot

  9. Oh, and the story gets even better, Jeannette!

    So it's not just me, Char, who is confused at this storing stuff? Actually, I didn't think it was that great a pic, but I didn't take enough so I kept it.

  10. Ugh! Somehow I'm gonna get you for this! And it's gonna be painful! :) You know my filing system has no system...just like yours. I only know one person who is that organized and you know who it is!

    Oh well, this could be interesting. It will probably be one of the 4 million shots of the grandkids.

  11. Great shot, I when I visited New York city it was in an early March and cold but I didn't get to see this skate park! How could I have missed it?

  12. That was a lovely photo and turned out to have a great story to go with it. (Especially for some one who professes to have such a muddled folder!)
    All my photos are in a right mess!

  13. Great story and photo! I'll have to give it a try.

  14. Reminds me of a certain conversation . . .

  15. Well, Susan, then there's bound to be a good story to go with the photo, yes?

    Oh do play, Scott. I almost tagged you, but am not sure how much packing and stuff you are into.

  16. It would be easy to miss, Sagittarian, it is a huge park and the maps are not all that easy to follow (and I can read maps well).

    Well, Maggie May, I have several places where photos are stored. I've also noticed that one orders everything 'oldest to newest first' and another is newest to oldest first' and then I have many, many that aren't even in a folder for some reason. I also have 3 different 'my pictures' files 2 of them hidden. So I had choices...

    Ruth :)

  17. My photo files are still all under My Pictures and the date they were taken...somehow for me that remains the easiest way to find things even if it means a lot of scrolling... I'll be happy to go along but you won't be surprized to find out that my first files are all from a trip to Maine:)

  18. Or youcould go 4th from the bottom, Oliag. In a sense, that is what I did!


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