Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Stamps - pets

I admit, I am not a dog lover, 
but how could anyone not melt a little at this face?

now, on to the cats......   with blue eyes

these cats are usually very affectionate and playful. 
they are also sometimes a bit loud with lots of attention demanding crying

Tajski means Thai in Polish
and for a pet of a completely different kind, we have this terrapin, sometimes called a turtle. this particular one is a black marsh terrapin/turtle that is endemic to Southeast Asia. according to wikipedia they are commonly kept as pets. they live in marshes and are completely black except for a small yellow mark on the heads. apparently, they are also shy and nocturnal. they are also quiet.
In parts of Thailand and Japan they commonly released into temple and castle ponds and cared for by Buddhist monks where they're treated as sacred by the public, being believed to contain the souls of people who died while trying to rescue other people from drowning.

I know this isn't exactly a pet, but I like it.       
a "correctional services dog" from Hong Kong


  1. This Hong Kong stamp seems to be part of the same series as the one I showed with the Springer Spaniel.
    Thank you for participating.

    1. thank you for visiting.... I was feeling a little lonely.

  2. you are so correct with the way they look,the look is enough to melt your heart! :)
    My SundayStamp:Pets

  3. I don't think those cats need "demanding crying" to get their way, just a look with those eyes would be enough. At one time terrapins used to be quite popular pets here too.

  4. Love the dogs - well, I am a dog lover! But the cats are beautiful, I so like their ears! We have had cats in the past, and always had one when I was a child, and any cat seems to like me!

    You do find interesting stamps!

    Hope you don't feel too lonely now!

  5. Two great dogs; the Alsatian i obviously a worker - he's ready for action.

  6. Love the cats, but Alsatians are scary! Encounters with them when I was little put me off them for life.

  7. The turtle is so cute! Great stamps!


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