Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Stamps- three kings

It took nearly 2 years for the new stamps bearing a portrait of King Edward VII. The 1 cent stamp was issued on July 1st, 1903 and shows the King at his Coronation.

The 2 cent stamp of George V was issued in 1911 designed by a composite from photographs and shows him in a uniform of an admiral.
George VI is shown in these 1942 (3 cent) and 1943 (4 cent) stamps in a military uniform 
the theme was open this week, so who knows what you'll find from the other links at Viridian's Poscard Blog
today I am off to the Golden Horseshoe Postcard Show. I have never been to one of these shows before and have been looking forward to it. it could be a dud, or I could come away with a bagful of what seems to be morphing from an accumulation of postcards and stamps to a (small, oh so small) collection.


  1. Hope you have fun at the Postcard Show and find some good stuff for your collection.

  2. I have no Canadian stamps before our present Queen so it was interesting to see these three.

  3. Have fun at the show. At least stamps and postcards don't take up much room, unlike some collectible items. thanks for participaitng!

  4. I had no idea it was 2 years before stamps were issued for Edward VII. Enjoy the postcard show, I always spend far too much when I go to anything like that :).

  5. *sigh* I wish we had something like a postcard show more than sure id come back home with dozens of stuff i need and dont need...hope you enjoyed your time there!

  6. ooh, you have really cool stamps this week.
    Hope you had fun at the show!

    Postcards Crossing

  7. I always get Edward and George mixed up, must be the beard. Hope you enjoyed the show and found lots of "treasure"

    1. funnily enough, at first, I thought they were the same man at first and that poor King Eddie had lost a lot of weight!
      I did enjoy the show and found lots to bring home.

  8. I didn't know so much about Royalty until I started learning about them thru stamps.
    My Sunday Stamp:Asian-Pacific Union

  9. Fun stamps! Hope you had a wonderful time at the postcard show!


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