Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sunday Stamps - music, arts

This stamp has an interesting cut out shape to it that the Finns seem to like.For a brief few years in the early 1980s this band, Dingo, was one of the most popular rock bands in Finland and caused many a teenaged girl to swoon as their counterparts in England may have done for Duran Duran (with whom they were compared). They broke up in 1986 but have had three resurrections though with little success outside of Finland and never to the same success as their early years. I found a sample of their music on lastfm which you may want to listen to. I can't say as I found it to my taste, but then I was never a Duran Duran fan either.
The two musical artists below, however, are very much to my taste. 
I love these stamps of Edith Piaf and Miles Davis. The backwards stance, the great fingering... and the black background is very cool.

and then there is this man from whose television show we may have had the privilege of hearing these musicians.
ED Sullivan died in 1974 at age 73 For anyone unfamiliar can read about him here.
 Sunday nights at 8pm were reserved for the Ed Sullivan Show which ran live from 1948 to 1971 and pretty much every kind of entertainment was introduced to thousands of Americans and Canadians on his show - ballet dancers, opera singers, circus performers, comedians, vaudeville acts, dramatic readings and the music of the day (when he would often admonish the teenagers in the audience to behave themselves and not scream to loudly!)
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  1. Boy do I remember that show!!! What a treat!!

  2. Love the Edith Piaf and Miles Davis stamps!

  3. I remember the Ed Sullivan show. I didn't really like him, but I would probably enjoy reruns now.

  4. I love those stamps with Edith Piaf and Miles Davis. Great designs for great people!

  5. We never watched Ed Sulilivan's show over here...but I miss such TV moments, that gather the whole family together.
    At my first glance on the Dingo stamp, I also glanced at the text and read "Duran Duran'...and actually i was fooled, since these guys do resemble DD and I thought there was a DD stamp issued somewhere :) Not a HUGE fan, but it would have been great if there was a DD stamp out there :)

    Wish I understood what Dingo are singing about...they dont sound bad :)

  6. I have also received the Piaf and Davis stamps, and even have them on my blog today :)

  7. We never saw the Ed Sullivan show in the UK. Piaf - she could sing. Miles Davis had a special sound.

  8. I have the same stamps of Edith and Miles that I got thru from postcrossing official postcard. Truly a remarkable people of music.
    My Sunday Stamp: Arts,Music, And Dance

  9. Dingo do look and sound like Duran Duran, thank goodness the 80s are over. I've seen a large image of the Miles Davis one, it works well on a stamp. The stamps are the epitome of cool.

  10. Miles!! And look at the hair on the guys in Dingo. Definitely an 80's band.
    Thank you for participating - fun stamps.


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