Tuesday, April 22, 2008

all the best intentions

The idea of reading someone's personal journal or blog just didn't sound like something I would want to do. Then I stumbled on and read a couple found by searching for something (about bikes, if you must know) and suddenly, I was drawn in. I spent hours reading and linking and discovering. Gradually caring about these people living in far away places. And I wanted to become a part of it all. I bought myself a new digital camera last winter and had been having fun getting back into photography (a long dormant interest). I was going to learn how to get them into this damn computer somehow (I am not very tech savvy, not at all). And once I'd started, I found all these stories and ideas flooding my mind. I spend a lot of time in the car, where a lot of creative thinking can be done. Before I knew it I had a list long enough to cover all those slow days of posting when nothing much happened. Great fillers they were. Witty. Imaginative. Some even thought-provoking. Then things changed. Without going into detail, my mother suddenly became very frail and I spent every day for at least 2 weeks driving in to make sure she at least ate. Then it got a little worse... now she is in hospital and I am still driving in every day to be with her. Her heart surgery was cancelled at the last minute as she was too frail for it. She has never been in hospital and is finally accepting (though not without a fighting spirit) that the end could be near. She is 91, afterall. Still. So, my witty stories got buried. I have not lost interest. Not at all. Just time and energy. I will be back. Today proves it. And I will learn how to get those photos from the camera to the computer. So you will have a face to look at. And maybe the view from my balcony over the lake. Or maybe even my cat.


  1. Best wishes to your Mother (and to you)....

  2. Robin: thank you. today was a good day, but tomorrow we sign papers to find a nursing home. a huge psychological shift.


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