Sunday, April 27, 2008


Should I be worried that I look forward to Sunday nights with Dexter?
It is a little unnerving how much I love this show.


  1. I just saw Dexter once on the plane. I LOVE it. Though I don't watch it in real life. I figure I do enough tv watching as it is. "Besides", said Mr. Jazz, "It'll be much more intresting to rent it and watch a whole season in a couple of weeks."

    I like to overdose on stuff.

    Damn that sounds bad.

  2. welcome, and for reading this far back!

    Shows great writing if it can get you hooked immediately on watching ONE episode.

    I will have to rent the first season to watch again as it keeps getting pre-empted and a friend already confused me by giving away spoilers from the original pre-CTV viewings.

    I understand about the OD'ing!!


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